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“Official Stoler Report “App” for iPad and iPhone released to the public


The Official Stoler Report App brings to the iPhone and iPad user the very latest Stoler Report, Building NY, and 1010 WINS Broadcasts. You can watch and listen to almost 400 archived shows going back to 2011. Share the videos with Twitter, Facebook, Email, and more. You will always be up to date with New York Real Estate as the Stoler App supports Push Notifications which you will receive as soon as new shows are made available. You will also receive news on upcoming Michael Stoler Conferences and Events related to New York City Real Estate, Economy, Business, and Culture. The Stoler Report App has been customized for a great iPad experience and also includes a wonderful iPhone design.

You can view it live at the App Store  and download at


05/20/2013 - 13:24


Stoler Report

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