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NJ Lenders Corp. Celebrates $20 Billion in Closed Loans and 25 Years as Industry Leader


NJ Lenders Corp. is celebrating its 25th year of business. They are a leading tri-state area mortgage company that is privately owned and licensed as a residential mortgage banker. NJ Lenders Corp. is proud to have a 25 year commitment of providing homeownership through its dedication to its clients and their need to purchase or refinance a home. Founded in 1991, the company currently originates mortgage loans in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Florida. With seven offices and over $20 billion in closed mortgage loans, their track record of success can be seen in their client retention rates. More than that 70 percent of NJ Lenders Corp.  mortgage loans are currently derived from previous customer referrals.

"Our customers have choices and they continue to choose us, year after year," said President of NJ Lenders Corp. Glenn Durr. "Our loan officers have earned their reputations by recognizing and responding to what’s important to our borrowers”. He continued, “We are not only defined by our competitive rates and broad product offering, we focus on ensuring a best in class customer experience by partnering with our clients to help guide them to the right mortgage solution that best fits their goal."

Over the last 10 years, shifts in the U.S. economy as well as the recession and housing crash caused many lenders to have difficulty staying afloat. Durr described that NJ Lenders Corp. was able to remain steadfast during this economic climate because of the knowledge, expertise and service of their experienced employees.  Durr said, “Whether purchasing a home for the first time, or taking a new step as a seasoned homeowner, we are proud to say our customers have continued to come back.”

NJ Lenders Corp. identifies that part of its core mission is to consistently put customers first. The company’s website outlines how borrowers can rely on a number of talented industry professionals to aid them during the most overwhelming aspects of a new home purchase or refinance. On average, each NJ Lenders Corp. employee has at least 10 or more years of banking and home loan-financing experience. Their broad product offerings and competitive rates that entice customers to choose NJ Lenders Corp. Durr expressed that what truly sets NJ Lenders Corp apart in the eyes of consumers is the expertise of its employees. Many of the company’s Loan Originators are nationally ranked, and annually achieve some of the industry highest awards and honors.  He said, “It's ultimately our dedicated employees and reputation for excellence that has allowed us to continue to perform at a very high level”.

Glenn said “We want to thank our customers for showing NJ Lenders Corp. support over the years. We want to assure new customers that we have become a respected name in the mortgage industry for a reason. NJ Lenders Corp is looking forward to helping thousands more achieve their homeownership goals”.

02/08/2016 - 11:30


NJ Lenders Corp.

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