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The News Funnel Selected As News Provider For LandlordsNY


(NEW YORK. N.Y. – April 24, 2014) - The News Funnel announced today that it has entered into a content sharing agreement with LandlordsNY, widely recognized as one of the leading information resources for New York landlords and property managers. The News Funnel will supply the site with several RSS feeds, which provide regional news and user-sourced information from thousands of real estate companies and other industry participants.

The News Funnel has established itself as the most comprehensive database for real estate information on the Internet since launching in 2012. With more than 3,000 sources aggregated from the media, bloggers and real estate companies, the site provides users with tools to create their own customized news feeds based on their personal preferences. The News Funnel feeds, which are comprised of news, press releases, blogs, videos, events and market research reports, will be selectively included by LandlordsNY on their website.

Along with national news that is streaming into the feeds 24/7 across 32 markets, any company that uploads content for free to The News Funnel may also have it automatically streamed to the LandlordsNY site.

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About LandlordsNY is a free, virtual network exclusively for landlords and property managers that provides a host of resources to assist them in running a more efficient, profitable business - all while allowing members to connect confidentially and learn from each others shared experience and knowledge. For every landlord/manager scratching his/her head over a problem or issue there is another who has experienced that same problem and has the solution, LandlordsNY connects the two. Landlords/Managers get quick free answers from top industry experts, up to date info on new laws/regulations, Vendors Directory, Resume Directory, Judges Review, and private social network. Membership is free at

About The News Funnel

The News Funnel is the largest news search engine for the real estate industry. The free site features thousands of feeds, sourced and indexed from industry-specific trade publications, major media sources, companies and professionals. In addition to search, subscribers can create customizable real estate news feeds based on their geographic markets, industry segments and areas of interest, accessible on their personalized home pages that refresh 24/7.

In addition to pulling in news from thousands of media sources, The News Funnel features Company News Channels — web pages that are available at no charge to companies, to upload press releases, event notifications, blogs and market research reports, which are made available to The News Funnel readers.

The News Funnel is currently available in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami/South Florida, New Jersey, New York, Orlando, Pennsylvania, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle,Portland, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Atlanta, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix, Kansas City, Charlotte, Memphis/Nashville, Salt Lake City, Denver and Detroit with new markets being expanded on a regular basis.

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