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New York City (June 18, 2012) – The News Funnel, a website that enables business readers to create a customized news funnel based on their unique preferences, has officially launched for the real estate industry in Beta in three U.S. markets: New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The free site allows users to set their news preferences from a comprehensive list of criteria including geography, industry sectors, company names and keywords of their choosing. The News Funnel then creates a customized news stream based on these preferences in one location in real time. Users can also update their settings quickly and easily to change their news views.

Another unique feature of The News Funnel allows companies to upload their own content – press releases, market research, blogs, job openings and more – in order to reach business readers directly.

"Generic aggregating is an old model and one that I believe has outlived its lifespan,” stated Michael Beckerman, CEO and Founder of The News Funnel. “With more content online than ever before, business professionals want a tool to be able to decide what news is most relevant to them, rather than relying on a third party to send them headlines or arbitrarily decide what they think is most important. That’s why I built The News Funnel.”

The News Funnel has been financed by Mr. Beckerman and a group of private investors, primarily from the real estate and technology sectors. 

The first phase of the site’s launch is focused on the real estate industry, with other business verticals to follow. Geographic markets beyond New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania will also be added to the site in subsequent phases of development.

Mr. Beckerman added: “Before I launched this site, I spent a year interviewing business executives in a variety of industries, and 90 percent of these professionals said they were overwhelmed by the amount of industry content and clutter on the web, so they tuned out a lot of online media.

“The News Funnel solves that problem, but additionally, it enables companies to post their own content to the site for free, which gives them their own direct distribution portal to the business professionals they want to reach,” Mr. Beckerman concluded.

Michael Beckerman is a public relations industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience. In 1989, he founded Beckerman Public Relations, a company he built into one of the top 50 largest independently owned public relations firms in the country. In 2008, Mr. Beckerman merged his firm with Avalanche Communications, one of the fastest growing firms in the industry, and subsequently acquired Antenna Group in San Francisco, the country’s leading clean energy public relations firm. Mr. Beckerman now serves full-time as The News Funnel’s CEO.

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