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The News Funnel Expands Content Platform to Curate Real Estate Events



Real Estate News site continues to grow its content platform into the largest in the industry

NEW YORK, NY (October 12, 2015) -- The News Funnel announced today that the site is now adding events to its curated news platform for real estate professionals. The 3-year old site began as the largest news platform for the real estate industry with several thousand media sources, blogs and company press releases in its news streaming technology. As part of its expansion plan, the site will now stream industry events from leading industry event companies.

Additionally, companies will be able to upload their own events to the site for free and reach The News Funnel’s subscriber base of over 125,000 real estate professionals.

Some of the leading real estate event companies whose events will now be streaming directly into subscribers News Funnel’s include: 

Additionally, events from dozens of local chapters of organizations like the below are also having their events curated by the sites technology:

Subscribers of The News Funnel have access to the only tool available that customizes news for them based on their location, industry sector and companies they want to follow. They can access their news feeds, which refresh 24/7, via desktop, mobile or through email alerts. Now with the event content streaming in, subscribers can also upcoming local events in their news feeds and via email alert.

Michael Beckerman, founder and CEO of The News Funnel commented, “Our goal has always been to provide real estate professionals with the most targeted and relevant content to make their lives easier and to keep them better informed. Rather than valuable spending time searching for news and content that matters to them, we provide busy professionals with the content most relevant to their business in the manner they want to receive it. They never need to go find it,we bring it all to them. The addition of events to our users’ news feeds is the perfect compliment to our content platform and is in line with our continued expansion plans for the site.”

About The News Funnel

The News Funnel is the largest real estate news platform in the industry. The free site features over 5,000 feeds, sourced and indexed from industry-specific trade publications, major media sources, companies and professionals. In addition to search, subscribers can create personalized real estate news feeds based on their geographic markets, industry segments and areas of interest, that are accessible on their personalized home pages that refresh 24/7. Featuring a responsive design, mobile app and email alert, subscribers can access their customized news anywhere, at any time.

The News Funnel is currently available in 55 markets across the U.S. and new markets are being added on a regular basis.

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