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The News Funnel Announces New Toolbox For Companies on its Site to Manage Public Relations Efforts


NEW YORK CITY (November 5, 2013) – The News Funnel announced today the launch of a new “Toolbox” for all companies signed up for its free News Channel feature. The free Toolbox contains on-site tools, off-site tools and reporting tools to leverage the power that the site offers. More than 800 prominent companies are already using those Company News Channels to aggregate, organize and distribute all of the news relevant to each company.

On-site tools include options to submit press releases, event announcements or market research, which gets distributed to The News Funnel’s large and targeted subscriber base. Other on-site promotional tools include a PR-Ad, or sponsored press release that is anchored at the top of targeted Funnels for greater visibility, as well as Featured Logos, or company logos that remain static at the top of targeted Funnels.  The reporting aspect of the Toolbox will display metrics to determine performance of any PR-Ad or Featured Logo.

The Toolbox also offers several off-site promotional tools, such as an exclusive news-sharing Widget, that allows these companies to enhance branded websites with real-time, tailored real estate news in a constantly updating stream of news articles, press releases and industry events. The Widget is fully customizable and unique to each member’s preferences to deliver relevant and powerful messages to each member’s website audiences.  Along with the Widget, all Company News Channel owners have access to their RSS feed and social icons with accompanied code, which can be embedded in websites or emails to gain more followers.

The launch of this Toolbox will help The News Funnel’s members keep track of the promotional resources available to them in an organized dashboard.  More than 800 prominent companies that have created Company News Channels will have access to this one-of-a-kind Toolbox, where they can upload specific content to subscribers, advertise to highly targeted audiences and analyze performance via an analytics dashboard. 

Since launching in June 2012, the site has established itself as a fast-growing, business-to-business real estate news aggregator website that enables real estate professionals to create a customized news feed based on their unique preferences. Now covering 30 primary U.S. markets, The News Funnel is attracting thousands of real estate professionals to its free, customized news service.  

“The new Toolbox feature is part of our ongoing effort to be a valuable news and information resource for real estate companies,” stated Holly Goshin, director of customer support for The News Funnel." Our goal is to provide real estate companies, as well as public relations firms with an easy tool to increase visibility in the market and manage content in one streamlined and simplified manner.”

Company News Channel owners can access their Toolbox when signed in to their account.

About The News Funnel

The News Funnel is the largest news search engine for the real estate industry. The free site features thousands of feeds, sourced and indexed from industry-specific trade publications, major media sources, companies and professionals. In addition to search, subscribers can create customizable real estate news feeds based on their geographic market, industry segment and areas of interest, accessible on their personalized home page that refreshes 24/7.

In addition to pulling in news from thousands of media sources, The News Funnel features Company News Channels — web pages that are available at no charge to companies, where they can upload press releases, event notifications, blogs and market research reports, which are made available to our readers.

The News Funnel is currently available in Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Orlando, Pennsylvania, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Portland, St. Louis, Las Vegas, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Atlanta, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Phoenix, Denver and Detroit with new markets being expanded to on a regular basis.

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