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New software points to hidden investment opportunities and growth patterns


WizMaps is a real time, real estate analytics tool that enables businesses and property investors to improve their risk analysis and investment timing. Unlike other software that relies on property and consumer profile data, WizMaps shows inventors where to look, growth patterns, and when to sell.

The software platform enables risk managers, property investors and real estate professionals to make better buying and selling timing decisions. WizMaps does this by providing a geographical view with insights about market area trends, in colorful, real-time generated “data-maps” or “heatmaps.” Unlike other software that shows past, static metrics, WizMaps shows 24-month local forecasts and growth trends, with unique technology AND data that is currently not available on the web or any mobile device.

“It's like knowing which haystack has the golden needle”, said Eddie Godshalk, one of the inventors. “This software identifies the best areas to look for properties and why.”

Investors can compare growth patterns by Zip Code, Census Track, and in other ways - all the way down to the Block level. Chosen areas are displayed visually, in real-time. Allowing businesses and investors to quickly see the best places to invest or relocate.   No longer relying on old-school boring reports, or wasting time “driving around.”  Eddie stated “there are huge data inefficiencies, that leads to huge risk and opportunity losses, since hyper-local market analytics technology, does not exist today, and our mission is fix this huge problem.”

WizMaps gives businesses a real-time visual data-map of where the hot spots are, which areas are upward trending, and what areas are cooling off - before most others realize the risk or potential. Businesses and investors have long realized that economic conditions can vary quite a bit within a single local market or city.   On one street you might have Class A office buildings with upscale buildings, where values are increasing, yet two streets over, you’ve got urban blight where values, populations, and incomes are declining based upon last month’s trends.    Until WizMaps, getting this granular data and ability identify micro-areas of growth and decline has been near impossible to properly assess risk and opportunities.

WizMaps points to exact local markets to see “where” to look first. This unique technology has never been offered before.  Most data sources about commercial and residential homes or investments are not presented in context of the latest monthly market economic and demographic trends that “do” and “will” affect price changes at the Block and Tract levels.

“Just knowing a property is a good investment is not enough,” said Mr. Godshalk. “A strong portfolio is built by investing in better quality properties, with the highest returns. And to do that, homebuyers, businesses, and investors need to know all hyper-local market trends, and when to rebalance a portfolio to sell at the optimal time --- period.”

WizMaps is a real time, hyper-local market, analytics platform. It's best used by organizations that have a real estate portfolio and want to improve the overall return – by using two strategies. First, WizMaps can identify areas that are likely to yield higher returning properties, and thus improve the average portfolio rate of return. Next, investors, builders, and developers can evaluate the portfolio to identify properties that should be sold off, before any future local market economic declines, or loss of equity.

By using the WizMaps platform (which is a set of software tools) property investors, risk managers and real estate professionals can quickly see where properties are ripe for investment - and which areas have soured - signaling it's time to get out.

The Wizard Maps prototypes and 24-Month Block Group Forecasting models built and tested, and now WizMaps is seeking investors and business partners, to integrate our unique data and technology, into other existing systems, so we can help more businesses.

About WizMaps:

WizMaps is a new tech startup that has developed new mobile data-mapping visualization technology based upon aggregate hard-to-find offline data, and Local Forecasting models.  We are located in Silicon Valley, CA.

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