New agent-to-agent tool to share buyer criteria with listing agents


New Agent-to-Agent Tool to Share Buyer Criteria with Listing Agents


Buyer Agents can now post their “Buyer Needs” and Listing Agents can reach out to agents with potential buyers for their listings.




April 11, 2016


Austin, Texas: Josh Molleur and Kasey Jorgenson, two real estate agents with Keller Williams Realty® in Round Rock, Texas introduce a unique and transparent agent-to-agent platform where agents can finally see other agents’ “Buyer Needs” in a dynamically searchable and shareable format.™ is a free, mobile friendly website (web app) for real estate agents in which buyer agents can post their buyer needs, and listing agents can search to find buyers for their listings and pocket listings.

“We wanted to provide a way to fully represent our clients and to also give agents a valuable edge that is needed to stay ahead in the ever changing world of real estate,” says Josh Molleur.

Once buyer needs are posted to the website they are shareable to social media sites with only two clicks of the mouse, and are emailed weekly to other local agents.  The shared posts have unique map images, hashtags, and descriptions to easily relay the information to agents’ peers.  

Listing agents can also utilize the site. After a listing is entered into the MLS, there are times when the listing gets overlooked or unintentionally eliminated by potential buyers.™ allows listing agents to search and reach out to these buyer agents who might have clients that are a perfect match for their listings and pocket listings.

“Whenever my team and I take a new listing, there is that inevitable ‘make-ready’ period which typically lasts 1-2 weeks. Advertising ‘Coming Soon’ listings has always been a struggle - both legally, and logistically. Hence,™ was created. I can find the agents with the motivated buyers before putting it into the MLS,” says Kasey Jorgenson.

One huge obstacle they had to overcome is how to make a “Buyer Need” searchable. Agents have different ways to describe where their buyers wish to live. One agent might use a zip code in a post while another might reference a subdivision instead. This is a perfect scenario where a text-to-text search would fail to render correct results. They wanted a solution that would include zip codes, neighborhoods, and other criteria without having the agent enter all of this information manually. The solution - a map.

Their map feature makes dynamic searches possible. When posting a buyer need, you simply outline on a map where your buyer wishes to live. Once outlined, vital location information such as county or counties, city or cities, zip code(s), neighborhood(s), school(s), addresses, etc. are automatically attached to your buyer need on the backend.

“One of the reasons we haven’t seen a site like this is because, ultimately, storing what a buyer is looking for is a hard problem. How do you search for a buyer need and how do your organize the data? Luckily for us, the timing was perfect as new geospatial technology became available right as we were building the site. This made it possible to store and search entire areas instead of single points which allowed us to solve the buyer need problem,” says Jesse Jorgenson, co-founder and lead engineer.

Although the concept is straightforward, don’t let the clean and simple look of the site fool you. This tool is supported by powerful technology that makes it easy and quick for agents. The team at™ wanted to streamline the posting process and make it simple for agents to use on the go, and automation is a key part of that process.  The web app’s backend is designed for agents, by agents, to create custom overviews, ridiculously fast social media posting, and automatic email alerts to other local agents.