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NAIOP Fights the Jobs Tax


NAIOP Member:

A letter from Jerry Sanders and Craig Benedetto regarding the jobs tax campaign is attached.  Please read and distribute to your friends, neighbors and colleagues. 

To everyone who helped gather signatures opposing the San Diego City Jobs Tax (also known as the “Linkage Fee”) a bigTHANK YOU is in order, and attached is a thank you letter from the Jobs Coalition. 

By now you have heard that the Jobs Coalition – of which NAIOP is a part – was successful in gathering over 53,000 signatures opposing the Jobs Tax.  The Registrar is currently processing the signatures and we expect that the City Council will take up the issue in late February/early March (we will notify you when the date is set).  The Council will have two choices: to repeal its previous decision or to place the matter on the June or November ballot.

There is more work to be done.  Please contact Council Members to ask them to rescind their decision to increase the Jobs Tax.  

Thank you for your continued support.

02/04/2014 - 18:13



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