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NAI Ukraine: Commodity turnover in Ukraine increased by 10.7% on the backdrop of a record improvement in consumer expectations


In the first half of 2017, most indicators showed positive dynamics, according to the analytical report by NAI Ukraine "Review of real estate markets in Kiev in the first half of 2017". The growth of GDP of Ukraine in the first quarter of 2017 amounted to 2.5%, compared with the same period from last year, while exports and imports grew simultaneously by 27% and 24%. The volume of construction work in the country exceeds the index of a similar period in 2016 by 36%, and growth of direct and capital investments has also increased.

Average wages in Ukraine have increased by 5%, and the volume of retail trade turnover increased by 10.7%, while consumer expectations have risen to a record level for the last 2 years. Inflation rate is moderate, having increased by 7.9% according to the results of the first 6 months of 2017, while agricultural sector indicators have remained at 2016 level.

Founder and CEO of NAI Ukraine, Vitaliy Boyko, noted that the investment attractiveness of various business areas in Ukraine is gradually increasing. 

However, a negative indication of the industrial output index has been observed, along with the growth of industrial products sales — mainly due to the decline of the mining industry. Also, Boyko stated that a number of the economic problems from the past few years had remained relevant: the growth of household incomes is lagging behind inflation and devaluation rates, and their level is very low compared with many other countries around the world. The country's economy has been rated as corrupt and limited in terms of economic freedom, with low competitiveness in the international arena.

The results of 2016 also show that the Ukrainian economy has demonstrated stabilisation, with a tendency to moderate growth of its key indicators. Thus, GDP has shown an increase of 2.3%, inflation and devaluation has slowed down, and there has been growth in industrial, agrarian and construction sectors. This has allowed the country to rise in a number of international ratings, such as the ‘Doing Business and Human Development Index’. The consumer mood of Ukrainians has also improved, the volume of retail trade turnover increased, and GDP is forecast to increase by 1.9% in 2017, and by 3.2% by 2018.

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