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NAI Ukraine: According to results of MAPIC, NAI Ukraine has significantly increased occupancy of LAVINA Mall up to 100%


According to CEO NAI Ukraine Vitalii Boyko, we could fill more than 15 thousands square meters in Lavina mall thank to participation in the international property MAPIC exhibition. It significantly increases occupancy shopping area of the largest Ukrainian SEC Lavina Mall up to 100%.

«We can confidently say, that long-expected European brands from Northern Europe, Great Britain, USA, Turkey and France are going to appear in Ukraine next year for the first time, - Vitalii Boyko said. – A lot of them will be present on official opening of Lavina Mall on the first of December”.

According to Vitalii Boyko, in spite of skepticism prevailing over participants towards Ukraine, the results turned out to be very successful.

«Foreign retailers can be divided into two groups. The first group includes those, who think, that situation has been stabilized and now it is a time to enter Ukrainian market. The second group includes those, who don’t think about entering Ukrainian market because of the lack of information. We provided information and showed the real situation of commercial property Ukrainian market, using the Lavina Mall as an example. We explained, that customers sentiments and investment Ukrainian market significantly changed. For example, many retailers excepted SEC LAVINA Mall to be excellent project to enter Ukrainian market and confirmed their participation”, - said CEO NAI Ukraine.

It was previously reported, that NAI Ukraine is the only Ukrainian property market company, which represented Ukraine on international MAPIC exhibition with their stand in 16-18 of November 2016.

MAPIC is the main event of international property market. More than 8000 participants from 74 countries, 2000 retailers, 2300 developers, 360 investments companies and another big industry representatives took part in MAPIC.

NAI Ukraine is exclusive agent the largest Ukrainian projects in commercial property, like Lavina Mall, Ocean Mall, Blockbuster Mall, Smart Plaza Obolon.


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