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Monday Properties Leads by Example in Hailing Arlington County's Energy Plan for 2050


Rosslyn, VA, June 17, 2013 – Monday Properties today issued an enthusiastic endorsement of the Arlington County Board’s formal enactment of its visionary Community Energy Plan (CEP), and announced the firm’s intention to “lead by example” in the operation of its own commercial portfolio.

Tim Helmig, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer of Monday Properties, said, “Four years in the making, the Community Energy Plan is a realistic, do-able initiative to transform how we obtain and use energy in all respects.  We are proud to lead by example, having already achieved EnergyStar ratings on our entire office portfolio, including three LEED Gold certified buildings and our nearly completed 1812 North Moore tower, which will be a LEED Platinum certified property.”

In its formal Vision Statement, Arlington County noted that the CEP would also be a catalyst for economic development and sustainable growth in the county.  It stated, “Our vision is to distinguish Arlington and create the most desirable and competitive commercial, residential and retail market in the region or country.  The sustained implementation of this plan is intended to provide a competitive development environment, lower operating costs, enhanced energy reliability, and fewer service disruptions for business.”


The CEP’s real estate goals are, by 2050, that residential buildings should use 55% less energy as compared to 2007 levels of energy use; and non-residential buildings should use 60% less energy on average compared to 2007 levels.


The CEP states: “Energy efficiency improvements are achieved through careful design and selection of building envelopes, windows, insulation, lighting, and heating ventilation and air conditioning systems.  Because it is generally easier to optimize these efficient technologies into commercial office buildings (due to centralized HVAC systems and overall control of building operation and management), the efficiency targets for non-residential buildings are slightly more ambitious than for residential construction.”

Mr. Helmig said, “Arlington County has been at the forefront in urban planning, land use, sustainability and climate action for at least the past 50 years.  With the CEP, Arlington is now the national leader in responding to the challenges and opportunities that energy presents.  Businesses and residents alike should value the County’s commitment.  Monday Properties has the same core values.  Looking forward to 2050, we’re setting our energy milestones beginning right now.”

About Monday Properties:

Monday Properties is a dynamic real estate investment firm that operates each property within its portfolio.  Founded in 1998, the company focuses on two of the world’s leading real estate markets:  New York City and the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Since 2002, Monday Properties has completed over $10 billion in transactions, representing 23 million square feet.  Monday Properties co-invests its own capital alongside its partners and investors, creating a clear alignment of interest and an incentive to realize value.    ####

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