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Mobile Internet Visits in Commercial Real Estate Increase 46% in the Past Year


More users than ever are accessing commercial real estate websites from a Smartphone or other mobile device, according to a new study from inMotion Real Estate Media. Moreover, this reflects an ongoing upwards trend which past statistics and future predictions indicate shows no sign of stopping.

46% more site visits came from mobile devices in 2013 than 2012, according to the study, which reports that more than one in eight visits to commercial real estate websites come from a mobile device.

Furthermore, this statistic is part of a continued curve – in 2011, mobile visits represented just 4% of all CRE site traffic. All signs point to a mobile future – in a focus group carried out by the same company, 91% of experts believed that their site would receive even more mobile visits in the coming year.

The most popular brand cited in the report was Apple. With the iPhone and iPad hitting the two top spots for mobile visits, it’s clear that a website which can be easily navigated by Apple’s iOS operating system is of vital importance, regardless of whether it is accessed by phone or by tablet. Samsung and Motorola were also leading brands for CRE browsers, with HTC down two places from last year in fourth place and LG entering the rankings for the first time this year in fifth position.

The data from the results of this study strongly suggests that not only is having a mobile-friendly website more important than ever, it will be even more influential in keeping visitors onsite in the future.

Full study here.

04/16/2014 - 13:39


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