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Milton's Milestone: Agorafy Launches Office Listings!


Our latest release, 0.13 code named Milton is out! 

Lately, we have been updating everyone on how we were prepping to bring office listings to Agorafy--planning, timing, back-end programming, etc. We're especially excited to announce that with this release, office listings are now available!

Just as you would search for retail space, type in any neighborhood, street or property address in the search box. Specify a price or range and/or square footage for better results.

But here's what's new: 

With the addition of office listings, auto complete will ask if you're looking for retail or office as you're entering your search. 

Search by neighborhood, street or property address

Office listing results matching your search are grouped by property. Rather than returning every office listing separately, you'll be shown the property at which the listing exists, along with the total number of available listings within it. Immediately know how many potential spaces are available in the property you're interested in. 

Search results are grouped by property.

Get a full understanding of the listing in relation to the property. There's another advantage to grouping your search results by property. We do so for you to get a bird's eye view of the property and see how each listing relates to one another. By way of this intermediate page, you can:

  1. See all available floors, suites or units in the building matching your exact search, specified as separate and/or contiguous listings. Immediately determine if two or more spaces are combinable.
  2. Get access to full property information.
  3. Get in touch with active brokers in that property. 
  4. See additional available listings in the same property, including retail. 

We're excited for our users to find their next office space or take advantage of listing their space on Agorafy. Don't see your listing? Simply register for a free account, then submit a new listing complete with your listing's details here.

Say hi or share your thoughts. We're always looking for ways to make Agorafy better for you!

12/12/2012 - 19:39



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