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Mercy Real Estate’s 2014 Mid-Year Update


Derick Sutton                                                                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 7.30.14
EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Mercy Real Estate


Mercy Real Estate’s 2014 Mid-Year Update
Recently Closed Transactions

Mercy Real Estate is the global leader in acquiring underutilized, or hard-to-sell, commercial and industrial properties. Our secret? The IRS 170 Exchange, better known as a Bargain Sale Real Estate Transaction.

We utilized our industry expertise to acquire more than 843,000 sq. feet of real estate to-date in 2014. Last year, Mercy closed on more than 3,000,000 sq. feet of property on more than 250 acres of land.

Properties acquired via the IRS Approved Bargain Sale transaction include, industrial warehouse spaces, retail property, large office building, retail showroom, special use buildings, bank, distribution center and a large garage space. To see the depth of our transaction experience, view our property portfolio here.

“We close quickly on properties that meet our acquisition criteria,” Said Brad Atchison, President. “Our focus is on facilitating the sale of underperforming or distressed real estate. It is good to see our property portfolio growing, it means that sellers are capitalizing on our innovative property disposition strategy.”

Funds from our Bargain Sale Transactions are used by the Mercy Foundation Group to support Microloans for impoverished entrepreneurs and students across the globe. One typical Bargain Sale real estate transaction helps fund hundreds of microloans. To date, Mercy Foundation Group has supported thousands of people in over 60 different countries.

“The time to consider a charitable real estate donation is now. Selling to Mercy Real Estate will eliminate your property expenses and net you a sizeable tax donation, as well as create exponential and sustainable social impact for communities,” states Derick Sutton, Chief Marketing Officer. “The more we acquire, the more we can help.”

ABOUT MERCY REAL ESTATE:We are the market leader in buying hard-to-sell industrial and commercial properties using the IRS-approved 170 Exchange. We provide sellers with a solution to dispose of their underutilized real estate that is usually more profitable than a traditional sale. Visit to learn more.

ABOUT MERCY FOUNDATION GROUP, INC.:Is a non-profit charitable organization that provides microloans to small businesses in developing countries. Visit to learn more.



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