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Megalytics new product quickly gives CRE tenant intelligence for Go/No-Go decisions

Chicago IL. (November 9, 2018) – Megalytics, Inc., the leading commercial real estate risk mitigation platform, has announced today the launch of its proprietary Basic Tenant Screening Assessment through a self-serve portal.

Donna Salvatore, CEO of Megalytics, says that “Our clients have been asking for a fully automated solution for some time. They can now check out a potential tenant, partner, investor, contractor, construction or development firm in a few simple steps. Our co-working clients also prefer something basic for the smaller, shorter term leases. Once the basic assessment is in the system it can also be upgraded to our Advantage or Premium Assessments at a small incremental cost. With the launch of this new product, we feel we have covered the spectrum from the quick one and done fully automated solution to the more robust rigorous analysis that requires human judgement and intervention.”

Emad Malek, COO of Megalytics, says “Our basic assessment delivers a score and a comprehensive view encompassing a prospective tenant’s profile, their business credit and scoring against the overall risk of their core industry on both a local and national scale. We also canvas the global records for watch lists, adverse media, background data and compliance with Patriot Act and State filings.

The real value to our clients is that they can log-on to our secure portal and get a quick view on a tenant prospect or a number of prospects, for a new or renewing lease, or for an expansion or contraction.

Whether you are an Owner, Developer, Lender, Investor, REIT, CRE Partnership, Asset Manager, Acquisition/Disposition Manager or a Portfolio Manager, you will find the immediate intelligence essential to your decision making process.”


Megalytics, Inc. is a Chicago based company founded in 2014 to address the growing need for data driven solutions, business intelligence and increased transparency in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry. Megalytics provides automated due diligence and continuous underwriting for tenants, properties, locations and submarkets. Utilizing our proprietary algorithms and scoring, we use machine learning and augmented intelligence to extract data, real time, from a multitude of data sets, big and small and wide, to offer the most comprehensive, granular analysis available in the industry today with immediate turnaround. We serve the largest owners of institutional real estate and property managers, delivering data-driven analytics solutions through tech-enabled service.

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