Mahoneys Framing Providing Framing Solutions to Artists, Photographers, Interior Designers


Mahoneys Framing is a picture framing store based in Melbourne. Established for 40 years, Mahoneys has a long and proud history of providing framing solutions to artists, photographers, interior designers and businesses. Now offering services such as photo restoration and corporate solutions, the picture framing store has grown and adapted over the years to meet customer expectations always.

Established in 1977, Mahoneys Framing has grown from its humble beginnings as a small picture framing store in Geelong. Being one of the first businesses to move into Hardware Lane in 1988, Mahoneys owner Greg Mahoney, worked hard to help turn the lane into what it is today; a bustling retail haven synonymous with Melbourne’s city lane culture. Greg Mahoney was awarded the Melbourne Award in recognition for his work in the lane and for helping to make Melbourne a more liveable city.

The framing solutions that Mahoneys Framing has offered throughout the years has always been of the highest quality. Whilst the picture frame options have expanded, the quality has remained consistent and is the reason Mahoneys Framing can boast so many loyal customers. As a framer with 40 years of experience, Greg Mahoney treats every project with care and precision. Whether its framing an original piece of art work or a treasured family photograph, Greg realises that any framed image holds value to its owner, so treats it with the respect and care it deserves.

Today, Mahoneys Framing offers more than just picture framing solutions. For years now, Mahoneys Framing has been proud to work with many organisations and businesses to provide them with corporate solutions for their artwork. Businesses know that Mahoneys understands the importance of branding and values. By offering a complete art consultation and framing service, Mahoneys has established itself as the go-to framing company for businesses of all sizes.

Mahoneys Framing also offers photo restoration. Repairing and reviving old photographs that have been damaged over the years by age and wear and tear, Mahoneys is able to bring old memories back to life. Or perhaps you have a treasured footy shirt that you would like framed? Mahoneys can frame those memorabilia items in customised frames, and even include photographs or plaques to commemorate the achievements of your favourite team. There is no task too large for the picture framing store.

As Mahoneys Framing looks to the future, it also learns from its past. Constantly evolving and adapting to meet customer expectations has ensured longevity as a business, and offering only the best in quality and service ensures happy and loyal customers. Mahoneys Framing is proud to play its role in Melbourne and looks forward to what the next 40 years in business will bring for the popular picture framing store.

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