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Mahoneys Framing has a long history of over forty years, providing picture frames for artists, photographers, interior designers and businesses. As a dedicated supporter of Melbourne’s thriving arts culture and Australian artists, we have provided frames for thousands of different types of artworks. With our extensive experience, we ensure every item is handled with the utmost care, making us a trusted framing supplier for any type of artist.

Yesterday, internationally renowned artist Patrick Christie launched his exhibition, ‘Captured’, at the Heart of Bone House in Collingwood. As his first exhibition in five years, Mahoneys Framing was proud to work in conjunction with Christie to supply framing services and help create a remarkable display for his artworks.

Ironically titled, ‘Captured’ marks a personal struggle for Christie, exposing how he has attempted to find freedom through an exploration of human form and function.After drawing since age ten, Christie’s talent was nurtured by local artists, who helped form his unique style and dedication to precision. Christie, who does not draw from arrangements, remarkably captures all detail from his imagination, making the artworks even more astonishing.

Christie carries over a centuries old medium by using a fine dipping pen and ink well to create his work. While carrying over the traditional form of ink on paper, the combination of meticulous detail and personal quirks makes Christie’s style one of a kind. The exhibition offers a retrospective look at his work over the years, revealing the expansion of his practice from detailed still life of the natural world, to a more recent exploration of figurative and erotica drawings. Through his recent work, he explores ideas of social taboos, explaining that “there is beauty in pain and madness, decay and all things provocative.”

Christie has developed a recognisable style that combines elegant simplicity with intricate detail, with pieces often having over 200 hours invested. His work has gained popularity with major collectors, including the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) who bought his native print series as a gift for travelling ambassadors and ministers. We are not surprised that majority of Christie’s artworks have already been sold prior to opening, to both Australian and International collections.

Mahoneys Framing is delighted to be part of Patrick Christie’s exhibition, helping to show the exciting and personal transformation of his artistry. By providing carefully chosen picture framing solutions, we have ensured that Christie’s evolution as an artist is represented with value and precision.

This display of Christie’s progression and expansion as an artist is not something to be missed. ‘Captured’ is a free event, showing at Heart of Bone House in Collingwood from 31st August to 3rd September, 2017.

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