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Local firm changes name to NAI Cascade to reflect their increased business scope


Local firm changes name to NAI Cascade

to reflect their increased business scope

NAI ARIS has experienced growth that has taken them well beyond their original vision when Ken Streater, Andie Edmonds, and Jake Polvi became partners in 2013. In the last year they have added five thoughtful and conscientious professionals to the team, each with strengths and experiences to enhance the overall full service nature of the firm.  While they continue to expand and thrive in the traditional commercial real estate markets, their portfolio and expertise has exploded in the agricultural, timber, ranch, recreational property and power generation industries. With this expansion, they found that the “ARIS” name was becoming limiting and creating confusion amongst their growing, diverse group of clients.

“We need a brand that has strong ties to the land in our region and yet allows us to lead globally by working for a broad range of clients in multiple industries throughout the northwest, nationally and now, internationally,” states Partner Jake Polvi.  “We wanted something that reflected our roots near the Cascade Mountains, yet recognized the broader mission that is now firmly a part of our business.” He continued, “Our clients felt that the NAI Cascade name really told the story of who we are and what we do.” Their northwest client base currently extends throughout central, southern and eastern Oregon, where agriculture and power generation are significant industry segments.

Partner and Principal Broker Andie Edmonds picked up the story: “The Cascade name refers not only to the mountains that run throughout the northwest, but also refers to water flowing in abundance; a system that allows many parts to work smoothly together; and, a succession of precise and powerful action or operations. As we analyzed these attributes, it became clear that they really do stand for who we are as a firm.” Their NAI Global affiliation allows the firm to work all over the region, as well as the entire United States, but also to include current interesting projects in Canada and South America.

“As a founding partner, it is important to me that our clients know that we remain the same company that operates with a belief in community before commodity, while providing select clients with the highest caliber of personalized services by remembering what truly matters,” added Ken Streater. “We’ve just ‘supercharged’ our firm into a new leadership position both at home and around the world. Our characteristics of expertise, collaboration, dedication and global diversity meet the needs of clients seeking top-shelf, individual attention and service. Our new name, NAI Cascade, just cements our overall business philosophy with our growing client base,” he concluded.


NAI Cascade is located at 549 SW Mill View Way Suite 100, Bend OR 97701. Telephone: +1-541-706-9370,

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