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Legacy Point - Jack Nicklaus Signature™ Golf Course Master Planned Community


Legacy Point - Jack Nicklaus Signature™ Golf Course Master Planned Community

Legacy Point Capital breaks ground on new development funding model and creates a “Best of Breed” strategy in the “Horse Capital of the World”


Legacy Point Capital is pleased to announce the opportunity to invest in Legacy Point, one of the country’s premier sustainable development projects. Anchored by a Jack Nicklaus Signature™ Golf Course, a clubhouse, and a lifestyle, wellness and activities center, Legacy Point is located just outside of Lexington, Ky., in the City of Wilmore.

With a strategy to build the complete development with equity, the developer’s vision is to create a magnificent community with a championship golf course as a centerpiece amenity, and a sustainable design that embraces the environment; its members, services and amenities; and especially the surrounding community. Legacy Point will be about great golf and a whole lot more–it will become a way of life.

Never before has there been an opportunity for an individual investor to be part of such a unique and high-profile project—usually these transactions are bundled up with institutional investors alone. This occasion allows individuals to invest alongside the institutional investors, with a minimum of $5,000 to participate in an institutional deal. As an additional benefit, the project will be providing a preferred dividend paid monthly to the investors.

"This property represented a unique opportunity for local, regional and national investors to participate in a development which will include a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course,” said John C. Loudon, Managing Member of Legacy Point Capital, LLC.

“We saw an opportunity to implement a conservative financing model for a high-quality project in an economic atmosphere of uncertainty,” Loudon added. “The Lexington and surrounding submarket areas in particular seem poised for additional growth, and we believe this is the right project at the right time in the right community. The strategy for Legacy Point is to build with all equity so the investors, lot buyers, homeowners, club members, contractors and local community know that once we start the project, it will be completed.

“The decision to use this strategy did not come lightly. We analyzed many financing models over the last year taking into consideration the state of the economy including the local, regional and national forecasts. It seems like every day that investors share their concerns over the stock market, where their retirement is going, the amount of debt in the market and whether they have enough funds to live from. Hence, our decision to fund with all equity, no leverage.” Loudon sees this strategy as a way to counter the frequent uncertainties or “the ebbs and flows” of the real estate market that might be faced during the development period.

“For many people, real estate is not in their portfolio and this gives them the vehicle to participate in a quality deal and receive monthly returns,” said Byron L. Holley, Managing Member of Legacy Point Capital, LLC. “Our strategy for inviting investors outside of the normal lending/investment community is not out of the ordinary. The Green Bay Packers are partially owned by the fans as individual investors; the Atlanta Braves have just recently announced they will be accepting outside investors; and more recently, many investors have had the fortune of investing in the redevelopment of the World Trade Center properties. Access to high profile projects is just the beginning and we feel privileged to be a part of a new and exciting wave of the future.”

The investment has been structured under Regulation D Section 506 (c) and is open to Accredited Investors only. New legislation passed in the House of Representatives earlier this month, which will open up the door for investors who were previously considered unaccredited to invest in private securities. Aside from just using net worth and income tests, the rule change will take into consideration other factors such as experience and sophistication when determining accreditation.

“We are proud to be members of the Lexington community and we’re even more excited for the community to be a part of this project,” said Holley. “The design of this development and master plan are meant to bring an opportunity for investors and, more important, the local community to be positioned for long-term value creation.”

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About Legacy Point Capital: 
Legacy Point Capital is a middle-market investment banking and advisory firm focused on providing transactional financial engineering services. Through our strategic partners, we utilize debt, equity, wealth accumulation and structured finance strategies for our clientele. Legacy Point structures alternative financing in investing and lending markets. Our team of seasoned veterans and affinity relationships has completed over one billion dollars of financing and capital raises.

A Jack Nicklaus Signature™ Golf Course is a trademark of Nicklaus Companies, LLC, and is being used under license from its subsidiary, Nicklaus Design, LLC, in conjunction with its agreement to design the proposed golf course at Legacy Point. Although Jack Nicklaus has agreed to act as the principal designer of the proposed golf course, neither Mr. Nicklaus nor any of his affiliates, including Nicklaus Design, LLC and Nicklaus Companies, LLC, will be involved in the development or financing of the Legacy Point project. None of such persons has agreed to review or endorse the structure or merits of any proposed offering to investors, nor have they authorized anyone to make any representation or provide any assurances on behalf of any of them regarding the future prospects of the project or value of any securities sold in connection therewith.


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