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Leading New Jersey Commercial Property Owner Taps Rooftops to Go Solar


Solis Partners, a leading full-service provider of commercial solar power systems, has announced that it has completed a second solar energy system installation for Federal Business Centers in Raritan Center Business Park in Edison, N.J.


Raritan Center Business Park is one of New Jersey’s premier business locations with over 2,350 acres of land and approximately 15 million square feet of space for offices, laboratories, data centers, warehouses, and distribution centers. The solar energy system was installed on the roof of Federal Business Centers’ 74,000 square-foot headquarters.


“By monitoring and adapting to market trends, Federal Business Centers has maintained its position as a leader in the New Jersey commercial real estate industry for over 60 years,” said Jamie Hahn, co-founder and managing director of Solis Partners. “Their commitment to solar is the most recent example of their foresighted approach to property management and customer service. They have identified solar as a means to leverage underutilized rooftop space to improve the operating efficiencies and competitiveness of their buildings.”


The rooftop solar energy system will offset about 85 percent of Federal Business Centers’ annual electricity consumption.  Consisting of 1,372 solar panels, the system will produce approximately 426,618 kilowatt-hours of electricity in the first year of operation.  Over the life of the system, this equates to the reduction of more than 7,350 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions – roughly equivalent to the impact of taking 1,375 cars off of the road.


“We view solar as a sustainability enhancement that will allow us to reduce energy costs, improve building performance, and drive greater value into our property portfolio,” said Frank Visceglia, executive vice president of Federal Business Centers.  “A large percentage of a commercial building’s operating expense is from energy use, so we strongly believe that a sustainable approach to our real estate investment management is crucial for the long term.”



About Raritan Center Business Park

Created in 1965, Raritan Center Business Park is home to hundreds of companies – Fortune 1000 companies, Fortune Global 500 companies, and market leaders from every business sector. Business amenities include restaurants, hotels, and banks along with regional shipping centers for FedEx Express, United Parcel Service, FedEx Ground, and the United States Post Office.


About Solis Partners
Solis Partners is a leading turnkey provider of solar power systems for commercial, industrial, utility, and nonprofit clients. Solis specializes in financing, constructing, and operating distributed solar power plants that enable clients to meet their long-term energy needs while reducing operating costs and addressing their carbon liabilities. Solis is committed to providing its clients with the most efficient and cost-effective path to solar. Solis Partners is headquartered in Manasquan, N.J. For more information, please call (732) 800-0052, or visit


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