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Over the years, the commercial real estate industry has made leaps and bounds when it comes to automated data services. Professionals can access key property metrics with a few clicks of a mouse or mobile device. On the contrary, the area that has lagged is commercial real estate marketing. Archaic practices including answering calls and emails from unqualified prospectors slow the process of selling or leasing a property. Furthermore, sometimes even the most heroic efforts from brokers cannot overcome the low visibility factors of certain properties. What if there was a way to effortlessly market a property to the public while at the same time, generating qualified and automated leads?

ERUPTION: has created and patented a transcendent tool, the LavaTag, that allows you to market your property in RealTime by implementating a full-circle, Physical to Digital process. Once you subscribe to the LavaTag, you will receive a recognizable storefront icon that will serve as your ubiquitous personal assistant. Property seekers will be able to access all relevant property sales data while you, the owner or representative, will not have to lift a finger. No need to worry about the pedigree of your seeker--all inquiries will be screened and filtered.


Once a seeker has submitted a valid profile, they will receive an instantaneous email or text, outlining all the of the property vitals. Conversely, this lead will automatically be saved on your “Lava Leads” portion of From there, you can review, monitor, and prioritize all leads at your convenience--while resting assured that your data is fresh and up to the minute. Over time, LavaMap’s brand proposition and top-in class service ensure LavaTags' will become the hallmark of marketing reliability and awareness.


Like the lava that flows from a volcano and later solidifies to form igneous rock, LavaTags will cement their place throughout neighborhoods as a pillar of an informed community. By bridging the gap between online data resources and physical marketing devices, we believe we have revolutionized the way real estate transactions will be conducted.

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