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Landlordy update helps landlords to comply with appliance safety regulations


Landlordy - iPhone/iPad app for private landlords gets major update with new features that will help landlords to comply with regulations on appliance safety for rental properties. Latest app update adds support for maintaining information on appliances, organizing related maintenance records and providing reminders for upcoming appliance safety checks/maintenance.


Landlordy is iPhone and iPad app designed for self-managing landlords, private let-to-buy investors and residential property managers managing small portfolios of single family homes, apartments or houses in multiple occupation (HMO). Private and personal, always up-to-date in user's pocket or purse, Landlordy app: 

* Tracks leases, rent payments and expenses

* Keeps track of tenant balance and payments history

* Helps to prepare and send rental invoices and payment receipts

* Provides instant financial reports

* Reminds on late payments, unpaid expenses, invoices due and upcoming lease renewals


Landlordy latest update (version 1.8) adds features that help landlords to comply with regulations on appliance safety for rental properties:

* Provides support for managing information on appliances and related documents

* Lets keep track of appliance maintenance records, safety checks and repairs

* Provides landlords with reminders for upcoming next safety check/maintenance


Designed with carefully-crafted balance of simplicity and power, integrated with iPhone/iPad camera and connectivity features, Landlordy fills the gap between manual/spreadsheet based management of rental business and complex/costly web or desktop based property management solutions targeted for professional property managers.


"We created app for managing rental business that is more convenient than spreadsheets and better fit for the smartphone world." says E-protect founder Jurgis Kirsakmens. "As good as Microsoft Excel or Google Docs are for managing numbers, using them on mobile devices is pain, linking data with photos (like expense receipt) is awkward and sending email or message with payment receipts to tenants is impossible. Landlordy makes it easy, provides you with instant financial reports, keeps data private and allows exporting data for sharing and analyzing with spreadsheets if it is necessary."


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