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KoaWare Releases Website Builder Exclusively for Real Estate


bldr by KoaWare offers a directly editable, drag + drop platform to customize instantly.

Dana Point, California - August 2017:  KoaWare, an innovator in real estate technology, announced the official launch of bldr, an agent and broker website building platform focused on instant customization and ease of use. bldr provides a library of pre-formatted sections to drag and drop, add content, and customize instantly. The sections are designed to cater exclusively to real estate professionals, acting as building blocks to create a unique agent or broker website.

“Agents spend a lot of time and money building a website, and by the time it’s ready to launch it’s practically outdated. bldr offers instant gratification, so you never have to rebuild your website from scratch again” says Co-Founder, and Chief Marketing Officer, Kristyn Roth. “bldr allows users to keep up with digital trends and make changes in real time, as their business develops.”

bldr eliminates rigid templates, and the front-end/back-end alternative with a fully wysiwyg solution. It is powerfully simple for end users to create and manage with KoaWare’s existing library of modular sections, and intuitive enough for further customized development.

“bldr provides a developer platform for individuals to hire a third party or utilize an in-house team to create customized sections exclusive to that account” says Co-Founder and CEO, Alex Gustafson. “Additionally, bldr provides a front-end solution for other technology providers to automate their in-house workflow and reduce support time.”

KoaWare is the most easy-to-use, customizable website builder for real estate professionals, offering a Property Website tool, Agent & Brokerage Website platform, and a CMS Enterprise solution. Designed to be powerfully simple, KoaWare’s product line streamlines content from the point of creation throughout an agent’s digital footprint, effectively automating the process and enhancing their business.

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