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Introducing Two Monumental Releases; AMP Technologies Announces At ICSC Las Vegas – Changing The Innovation Standard In Commerical Real Estate


AMP Technologies, the leading technology company in Commercial Real Estate, announced two exciting releases this Tuesday, May 20th at ICSC Las Vegas. The first release is the innovative offering of powerful Business Intelligence and Lease Analysis, completely changing how the industry utilizes real time information for greater competitive advantage. The second is their disruptive Las Vegas release adding key features so that Real Estate companies can enhance their business operations at a global scale. Features such as internationalization, real time negotiations with visual tracking and improved reporting bringing amazing capabilities like never before in any platform.

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AMP consistently brings the best of breed technology to the Commercial Real Estate sector. Arvind Sathyamoorthy, Vice President Product Development at AMP shares, “Enhancing the user experience with valuable capabilities means better visualization of information, improved data analytics, easier collaboration and powerful reporting. Our Business Intelligence and Lease Analysis is like nothing this industry has seen before, it is truly revolutionary. We will continue to push the envelope to bring the best in Business Intelligence utilizing innovation in mobility, cloud infrastructure and collaboration.”

No one else in the industry offers a powerful platform like this – delivering interactive visualization, collaboration functionality and all with mobile access in the cloud and at a fraction of the cost and real time speed. AMP continues to see top organizations impressed by these capabilities and signing up for their innovative platform. The value that is added with these two dynamic releases will launch leaders ahead of the competition and push the envelope of the future in Commercial Real Estate while delivering competitive advantage like never before.

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About AMP Technologies

Headquartered in Mountain View, California, AMP Technologies provides a suite of products and services for commercial real estate asset management. The AMP Technologies Platform is a powerful, yet highly intuitive, platform to monitor and manage individual properties and large portfolios. Its products are built on best-of- breed cloud technology and are designed for the modern enterprise to provide sophisticated business intelligence, collaboration and management tools. With a comprehensive, yet highly intuitive, platform for monitoring and managing individual properties to entire portfolios, AMP provides the key tools needed for every level of management for effective analysis and decision-making.

05/20/2015 - 14:00


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