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International Real Estate Brand Takes on Cutting Edge Storefront Technology


Lee Moulton
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September 3rd, 2013 – Toronto, Ontario – Gone are the days when potential real estate clients squint to look at 12 pt. font text on paper listings in glass storefronts. On Thursday August 22nd, 2013, Live Open House LLC, a New York City based real estate tech startup, partnered with Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty in downtown Toronto to launch their LOH Vision Realty Touch Screen. The interactive window technology transforms any real estate storefront into a 24-hour kiosk. Pedestrians are able to view videos, photos, floor plans, agent profiles, connect on social media and much more. The real estate broker then tracks all of the client activity through customized analytic software.


The LOH Vision technology is the first of its kind in Toronto. Reale Rose, the COO of Live Open House and Canadian native, states, “Toronto has the most high-rise buildings under construction in North America. The city is undeniably a leader in sustainable growth and penetrating this market is a must for real estate tech startups like Live Open House”.

Jamie Purvis, CEO of Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty believes that, “The LOH Vision touch screen is the future of real estate technology and Keller Williams will have a clear competitive advantage with all of the different brands popping up every day.”

The growing popularity of interactive digital signage is no secret. An Intel-conducted study indicates that shoppers are 400% more likely to view an interactive advertisement as opposed to a static sign. “We built the software for forward-thinking real estate brands who understand the value of hyper-local branding and organic engagement”, said Vernon Jones, CEO of Live Open House. He continues, “Over 100,000 pedestrians stroll along downtown Toronto sidewalks daily. High-end brands spend top dollar to be in these areas. It just makes sense to provide them with a tool to interact with the community 24 hours a day.”

As increased use of touch screen devices such as tablets and mobile phone continues to transform the way consumers interact with content and make purchasing decisions, the LOH Vision Realty Touch Screen is the future of how real estate is marketed.


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