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If you’re a CRE professional considering a move to a top national brand, it’s time for ‘ready, set … jump’ to SVN Alliance in Jacksonville


By Blair “Red” Greenlaw
Regional Director | SVN Alliance

Remember when you were a kid at the playground and wanted to jump onto a swiftly spinning merry-go-round? Most of us can recall the scene vividly: You had to pause, focus momentarily and jump at the most opportune split-second.

Fast forward to today. Some of you might be poised to jump from one commercial real estate (CRE) brokerage team to another. This, too, requires some timing. And like the merry-go-round scenario, you’re liable to get “dinged” if you leap at the wrong moment.

Let me just tell you up front: The time is NOW.

The close of a given year is an excellent time to make the transition. Here’s why. When you finalize deals, a percentage of the commission goes to the CRE brokerage – we all know that. On the positive side, as your success increases during the year, the percentage of your commission split to the brokerage grows smaller and smaller in many companies.

This growth in deal revenue and the corresponding shrinkage of the company’s commission split goes on all year. But that all changes for many agents, come the first of the year. Everything goes back to square one with the higher percentage rate back to the brokerage.

Given that reality, it stands to reason that the time to switch CRE companies is at the beginning of the year, not when you’re in the midst of the year’s peak earnings cycle.

So, if you want to transition from the number-two or -three spot in your current company to the number-one spot with a new Jacksonville CRE opportunity, you need to make the jump now. SVN is the sixth most-recognized national brand in the industry and offers leading tools and resources to help you find, win and fulfill business ahead of your competitors.

There are a lot of positive indicators on the horizon for our city. The Jacksonville Port Authority is in the midst of a dredging project to deepen the port, making it accessible to more vessels. Once the project is finished, we’ll enjoy a new stream of economic activity here.

Amazon fulfillment centers opening up in Jacksonville in 2017 have brought thousands of jobs to the region. Add to that the reputation Jacksonville enjoys as a hot spot for young people relocating and you find a recipe for growth. Time magazine ranks the city at No. 17 nationwide in its list of “25 Cities Where Millennials are Moving.”

There’s yet another consideration. After a time of relative stagnation, Jacksonville is due for a wave of new commercial construction, one that will include retail centers, housing and everything else that comes in the wake of such activity. As a CRE pro, you want to be in position before this begins, not after.

Now is a great time to get into this exciting market with one of the most trusted names in CRE. If you’re working with another group of CRE advisors that isn’t providing a recognized national platform to catapult you where you want to go, call me as soon as possible. You will like what you hear about SVN. Also take a look at for a view into our structure and coverage in the state.

Time is ticking and the year is coming to a close. SVN Alliance could be the very change you’re looking for. Don’t delay. A brief conversation is all you need to explore the opportunity at your fingertips.

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