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Ideal Properties Group Expands To Williamsburg



BROOKLYN, NY – Ideal Properties Group, Brooklyn-based independently owned and operated real estate brokerage, announced the opening of a new office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Ideal Properties announced that Mr. Justin Dower has been appointed to oversee the Williamsburg office, the company’s fourth. As Ideal's Commercial Director, Mr. Dower brings with him years of experience in the commercial real estate leasing sector, helping clients grow revenue and increase profitability through planned and strategically viable relocation and expansion.

Ever since opening their inaugural office in Gowanus in 2008, the brokerage has been experiencing brisk growth within the borough.

"As our business continued to seep into every pore of Brooklyn, we enthusiastically embraced the idea of further solidifying our presence in the Williamsburg market," said Dower. "We are always eager to provide our existing customer base with a higher degree of service, and by having the Williamsburg office, we will also have an opportunity to actively leverage our successful business platform."

"Our enduring commitment remains to the client, and our mission calls for Ideal setting up key offices in select markets in Brooklyn," said Aleksandra Scepanovic, the brokerage's Managing Director.232 COURT STREET, BROOKLYN NY 11231

"We believe that Justin Dower, with his background, his creative energy, and a proven production management record, will be a terrific leader for our Williamsburg team. Under the enterprising leadership of Mr. Dower, and in conjunction with the strength of the area's real estate market, our projections for the Williamsburg office are very optimistic," Ms. Scepanovic added.

The young, creative and independently-spirited Ideal is bringing with their brokers a local, Brooklyn sensibility.

With Ideal’s long-term business plans calling for expansion exclusively into corner locations, Ideal has been scouting for a space in Williamsburg for nearly two years. “At the end, we have chosen to purchase a property to house our new office, a move we were incredibly excited to undertake with the future growth of the company in mind,” concludes Scepanovic.

Ideal’s new office is located at 362 Bedford Avenue, on the corner of South 4th Street. 

07/04/2013 - 15:30


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