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How to: Submit a Listing



We recently told you in this post, that we've made it easier for brokers and owners to manage their listings using the Dashboard. So to you brokers and owners...what's the quickest and easiest way for you to submit your listings? 

Here's how you can get more exposure for all your listings:

1. At the top right corner of your screen, sign in to your account. 

2. Once you're logged in to your Dashboard, click on "Add" to submit your new listing.   

3. On the Submit a new listing page, simply complete the form with your listing's important details--its current asking price, any use restrictions, the broker's contact information, and any flyers and photos.

Click "Send."

4. Once we've gotten all the information we need, a member of our verification team will get in touch with you letting know that your listing is complete and on Agorafy! 

Got feedback on how we can make this form even better for you? Let us know! 

10/18/2012 - 16:13



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