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How to: Generate a Listing Report



You discovered several opportunities from the listing search you just performed. And now you want to save these listings and access them in a single report just as quickly and effortlessly. Using the Reports feature, generate a single pdf of these listings just as easily as it was to search for them on Agorafy. 

1. Add listings to your report queue. You can do so from either the search results page or directly from the listing page. 

From your search results.

Directly from the listing page.

The Report queue drops down each time a listing is added to the report. You can remove specific listings or clear the entire queue at any time. 

Dropdown shows what is currently in your report queue.

2. Print your report. Click on "Print" from the report queue to generate your report pdf. You may also save and share these reports by e-mail. 

Sample report generated

Have you taken advantage of this feature yet? We're building additional features for you to use, and would love to hear what you think!

09/27/2012 - 14:21



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