How to: Correct a Listing



If you see a listing with incorrect information, or you recently leased a space listed on Agorafy, simply let us know and we'll update the listing. Our verification team first follows up with you or the listed broker to make sure the info provided is correct. Then we’ll make sure it’s reflected on Agorafy. Follow these steps to correct a listing:


1. On the listing page, click on "Submit a listing update."

2. Fill out the pop up box with your specific corrections. Here, you can let us know if the listing is leased, inform us of changes to the asking price, and provide us with new photos and flyer of the space. 

3. Click “Send.” We’ll get started by getting in touch with you or the listed broker to verify the information, then get the updated information up on Agorafy!

At any time, you can choose to send an email to our verification team at We’ll be sure to work with you to get it done!

10/15/2012 - 14:12