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Holiday Safety and Security Tips



Holiday Safety and Security Tips - Keep your Building Safe!

As the holiday season approaches, we focus on the excitement of gathering with friends & family, shopping, and spreading holiday cheer. We often forget that the crime rate increases by 30% and that heightened security awareness is imperative for holiday safety.

1. You should monitor all visitors that enter your premise. This includes messengers,   delivery, and maintenance personnel. Always escort them to inner office or work areas rather than directing them. Do not let them wander aimlessly.

2. Never leave the reception area unattended. If it is necessary to leave the reception area unattended, lock the entrance door to your suite with a sign requesting visitors to knock. You can also have someone cover the desk in your absence.

3. You should also I.D. all outside maintenance personnel. Verify that the individual was hired to complete a job in the building. Do not let anyone wander through the building alone unless you have confirmed that they are supposed to be there.

4. You should be extra cautious during the “30 minute danger zones”. Extra caution should be taken during the 30 minutes just after opening and just before closing — this is when there is maximum movement to and from work areas, offices, residences and intruders are most likely to gain access to unattended areas. Retailers especially need to take extra precautions during these times to ensure holiday safety, including cash control.

5. Be aware that criminals can pose as maintenance, telephone, copier, and air conditioning service people to gain entrance to the building. You have the right to request proper I.D. and if you do not feel comfortable you can always ask the individual to return at a later date with the proper credentials.

6. Valuables should never be left unattended, even in inner office environments. Never leave your purse or wallet on the floor, underneath your desk, or on top of the counter or filing cabinet. You should always hide valuables in a secure place. Extra care should also be taken with small valuable items such as iPhones, iPads, laptops, and MP3 players. Thieves are always looking for small easy objects to swipe.

7. Make sure that you lock all packages securely in a storage room and make sure that a log sheet of accountability is in place. Many people send/receive packages through UPS, FedEx, and USPS during the holiday season.

8. You should also escort and assist seniors in and out of your building. It is a fact that thieves pray on the weak. Distance and coverage permitting you should also escort them to and from their car.

9. Be alert for pickpockets on the street and in your buildings. Crowded front desks and elevators are key areas for thieves to close the gap. These opportunities allow them to get with-in close range so fasten pockets and turn purse flaps toward your body with your hand covering it for holiday safety. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

10. If a theft occurs, notify building security immediately, the police and your insurance company immediately. If reported right away, there is a better chance that the criminals will be caught. A strong security presence is always a good deterrent and thieves will steer away from a challenge.

Although these holiday safety tips are important year-round, it is important to take extra precautions during the holiday season. Being alert can reduce the risk of falling victim to a thief during the Christmas season.

Have a safe holiday from your friends at Planned Companies!!

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