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NEW YORK, NY (April 2, 2012) – Helios Capital Advisors, a full service real estate advisory firm specializing in the sale of small balance commercial mortgage loans and real estate owned (REO) assets, announced today thatthe company has completed three loan transactions secured by three separate properties located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY. Two of the properties are mixed-use and the other is a seven-unit multi-family property.

“These deals highlight just one of the ways Helios can be most effective when completing transactions,” said Steven M. Schultz, Chief Executive Officer for Helios Capital Advisors.“The successful outcome of these transactions is directly related to the relationships we have established in the commercial real estate and banking communities.”

The first transaction was a 41,080 SF four-story, seven-unit multi-family property located at 1094 Delkalb Ave. The mortgage has an unpaid principal balance (UPB) of approximately $400,200. 

The second transaction, located at 406 Tompkins Road, is a commercial mixed-use property with 4,400 SF. It is four stories, five residential properties and a UPB of $499,000.

The third transaction, located at 301 Tompkins Road, is a commercial mixed-use property with 4,620 SF. There are also four stories, three residential properties and a total UPB of $438,910.

“Helios Capital was approached to source the deals by one of their long-term clients who had an interest in the properties. Since Helios had a strong relationship with the lender, a deal was reached within days,” stated Josh Malka, Managing Director at Helios Capital Advisors.

Malka pointed out that he has noticed an increasing interest in reverse inquiries over the past six months and they are a valuable way to complete efficient transactions.

“Many investors who have had an interest in a loan but didn’t have a relationship with the lender have approached us and we have facilitated a deal,” said Malka. “Reverse inquiries are one of the best ways to approach a lender with the deal; the bank knows you understand the deal already and less due diligence is required.”

As a relationship-driven company, Helios remains focused and dedicated to its niche within the small-balance, nonperforming loan, REO and investment sales market, with a target on portfolios and individual assets with unpaid principal balances (UPB). Helios works directly with each counterpart and leverages its experience and expertise for continued success.


About Helios Capital Advisors

Helios Capital Advisors, LLC, based in Woodbridge, New Jersey and New York, NY, is the industry’s pre-eminent boutique advisory firm specializing in providing a full range of advisory services on behalf of private, institutional and corporate lenders and investors in the secondary market for the purpose of efficiently trading commercial mortgage loans, REO assets and investment properties throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

Comprised of some of the industry’s most highly experienced professionals in the commercial mortgage loan, REO and capital markets space, the Helios Capital Advisory team is responsible for more than $10 billion of total trade volume.

Helios Capital is focused on its niche within the small balance, commercial mortgage loan, REO and investment sales market, and trades both portfolios and individual assets. As a relationship-driven company, Helios Capital Advisors leverages its experience and expertise to achieve continued success for its clients.

Helios Capital Advisors provides a full-service, end-to-end solution to its clients and its team has been highly successful in guiding sellers looking to dispose of assets, increase liquidity and book gains. By developing and maintaining profound relationships with investors and understanding their specific investment stipulations (such as geography preferences, product type, credit risk and yield requirements), Helios Capital Advisors can quickly identify the right opportunity for its clients and expeditiously match the right buyer with the right seller, allowing for an efficient process and successfully executed trades.  

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