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GreenApps Debuts Customizable Property Management Solution


Success through Mobility, Automation and Communication

November 13, 2017, Montréal, QC – GreenApps, a maker of customizable, property-specific mobile applications announces its official launch. This solution is available for property managers and building owners throughout Canada and the United States.

Key advantages include:

●      Real-time alerts from tenants, enabling property managers to answer requests with speed and reliability.

●      Real-time alerts from property managers and building owners to tenants.

●      Automation of daily and/or monthly tasks, from ensuring tenant safety to collecting rent.

●      Elimination of paper forms, allowing users to report an issue without calling a manager or a third-party service.

●      Improved communication and superior tenant satisfaction.

“GreenApps is a customizable, scalable and secure solution based on each client’s needs. Our platform is ideal for commercial buildings, multi-family residences and student housing, among other properties, because each application we develop is a branded tool for that individual building,” says Alex Amiri, Founder of GreenApps.

“Additionally, we allow clients to select the features that best suit their interests. From developing each application to hosting the final product on behalf of our customers, GreenApps is the go-to answer for property managers and building owners alike.”


About GreenApps
Headquartered in Montréal, GreenApps is an affordable and customizable mobile solution for property managers, building owners and tenants in Canada and the United States. With the freedom to automate operations, eliminate paper flow and strengthen communication among users, GreenApps is a direct – and building-specific – tool that transforms property management. For more information, visit



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