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GFI Capital Resources Group CFO Jennifer McLean to Discuss Issues Facing Real Estate Companies at IMN Forum


GFI Capital Resources Group CFO Jennifer McLean to Discuss Issues Facing Real Estate Companies at IMN Forum

Real Estate CFO Forum (West) Conference Will Bring Together Forward-Thinking Industry Professionals

NEW YORK CITY (May 1, 2014)— GFI Capital Resources Group, Inc., a leading, diversified provider of comprehensive real estate and insurance services, today announced that Chief Financial Officer Jennifer McLean will be among the featured speakers at the Information Management Network (IMN) Real Estate CFO Forum (West), which will be held on May 5 and 6 in Newport Beach, Cali. The event will showcase the current issues and challenges real estate CFOs, treasurers and controllers are encountering, and the strategies and tools they are employing to meet these challenges.

McLean will be part of the introductory panel, “CFO Overview: Examining the Top Five Issues Today,” which will set the stage for the conference by offering attendees a “bird’s-eye view” of the most relevant issues for CFOs in 2014. In the session, McLean and other panelists will discuss past challenges and opportunities in the real estate investment world, how it has changed and what is on the horizon. Panelists will also touch on:

  • Talent acquisition, retention, and compensation
  • Taking advantage of credit markets
  • Competitive fundraising environment
  • Dealing with increased compliance requirements
  • Slow growth real economy vs. bull market in equities

“I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to represent GFI Capital Resources on the West Coast at a premier event for forward-thinking industry professionals,” McLean said. “To ensure our success today and in the future, it’s critical that we stay ahead of the trends that impact the talent market.”

In addition to the CFO Overview, McLean will be speaking on a panel titled, “Developing and Retaining Talent Through Appropriate Compensation and Other Incentives,” which will serve as a review of the talent market, allowing CFOs to better determine the value proposition of their hiring practices, and how to most efficiently develop and retain valuable employees.

McLean and other panelists will discuss the following:

  • What is the right mix of salary, bonus, equity, and deferred comp across various staffing levels?
  • Examining employee compensation across the industry
  • Establishing a clear path for career advancement

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As CFO of GFI Capital Resources Group, McLean oversees all accounting, finance, human resources and IT functions for the company and its related entities/affiliates. She is responsible for the ongoing management and financial performance with the goal of monitoring and maximizing asset specific cash flow and profitability performance. She also oversees all tax and compliance reporting, and maintains ongoing relationships with partners, agencies, development and operations to ensure the integrity of all financial data.

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