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GeoGenix and Other Mass Leading Energy Firms To Host Conference for Businesses and Municipalities on Controlling Energy Costs



Industry Experts To Discuss Saving With The Powerful Combination of Solar and Energy Efficiency

WESTBOROUGH, MASS. – GeoGenix and other leading energy firms in Massachusetts today announced they will host an energy conference for businesses and municipalities at which they will discuss how to lower energy costs through solar and energy efficiency. The conference will take place on Sept. 27 at the Double Tree Hotel at 5400 Computer Drive in Westborough, Mass., from 7:30 to 10:00 a.m.

Due to the high cost of electricity and generous state incentives, as well as the falling price of solar panels, an environment has been created in Massachusetts in which solar energy and energy efficiency make strong financial sense.

“Controlling your energy costs is an issue facing everyone, from municipalities to Fortune 500 companies,” said Gaurav Naik, co-owner and principal of GeoGenix, a commercial and residential solar systems integrator and one of the event hosts. “The key to successfully controlling your energy future is learning what is best for you based on your business requirements, financial position and tax situation, as well as the specific characteristics of your building. This conference is a great opportunity to learn to lower energy costs through renewable energy and energy-efficiency measures.”

With the nation’s sixth highest cost of electricity, many of Massachusetts’ businesses and municipalities are finding relief by using solar and/or energy efficiency measures as a means of offsetting electricity usage and lowering operating costs. Just in the past two years, Massachusetts’ solar energy capacity has doubled in size to over 105 megawatts, according to the State Department of Energy Resources.

In addition to high electricity costs, financing is also a stimulus to solar development. Solar projects are more easily financed in Massachusetts than in many other states as a result of generous state incentives, which include its Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) program.

SRECs, which are produced by solar system owners and represent the environmental benefit of producing 1,000 kilowatts of electricity, are sold to the state’s electricity suppliers in lieu of paying a fine (Solar Alternative Compliance Payment or SACP) for not meeting the solar energy production goals outlined in the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.

In Massachusetts, SREC prices are guided by supply and demand; however, there is a price floor of $300 and a de facto price ceiling, which is set by the SACP. A floor price guarantees the revenue produced by SRECs, which is helpful in securing financing for a solar system.

The conference, entitled “Controlling Your Energy Future: The Powerful Combination of Solar and Energy Efficiency,” will look at various solar financing models, including one with no upfront costs; solar panel efficiency, including the differences among solar technologies; LED lighting, including the latest products and trends in LED lighting and controls; and often overlooked mechanical measures for energy efficiency.

The other participating energy firms include SunPower Corp., a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels and solar systems; Acela Energy Group, an energy procurement firm based in Norfolk, Mass.; and Synergy, a lighting retrofit audit, design and project management services firm based in Westborough, Mass.

The event will also entail a breakfast and two Q&A sessions.

Attendance is free; however, seating is limited, so attendees are encouraged to register online at:

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Synergy was founded in 1994 to provide lighting retrofit audit, design and project management services.  Synergy’s focus includes projects for companies and institutions in a wide range of industries, including retail facilities. Synergy has been recognized twice by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the country. For more information, visit

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Acela Energy Group is an energy consulting firm specializing in energy procurement, load management, as well as, energy efficiency.  Their team facilitates the procurement of reliable, cost-effective energy for commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental clients. For more information, visit

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