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Five Tips to Make Your Property Greener


These days, property managers are constantly looking for ways to make their buildings unique and desirable, while also being budget-conscious. Going green is a surefire way to not only stand out, but to help the environment, save money for both you and your tenants, and create a happier and healthier atmosphere for all. Check out these five tips on how you can make your property greener:

1. Work your windows. Leave your blinds or curtains open in the winter to allow the sun to heat your building naturally, or close them in the summer to keep it cool. Go one step further by weatherproofing your windows, which will minimize your loss of air conditioning or heating.

2. Tighten the temperature. Most tenants won’t notice if the thermostat has been altered a couple of degrees, but your wallet will. You can also save additional energy by closing any vents in unoccupied areas.

3. Encourage environmentally-friendly transportation. Install a bike rack for your property, provide a list of public transportation options in your area, and/or create a map of local businesses that your tenants and residents can easily walk to. The more accommodating your property and neighborhood seems to your tenants, the better the chance they’ll stick around!

4. Let your devices doze. Turning off electronics and devices such as computers, office equipment, and common area televisions overnight can help save energy and costs. If you can’t turn them off, most appliances now offer a power savings mode.

5. Clean green. Using non-toxic cleaning supplies will help to keep your environment free of hazardous chemicals, and your tenants and employees healthy and safe. Consider contracting a building services company like Planned Companies, who takes great pride in using green cleaning supplies, to help you keep your building not only spotless, but environmentally-conscious.

We encourage you to try at least one of the tips above to reduce your carbon footprint; you will see the effects it has on your health, your property, and your wallet, all while knowing you’re bettering the environment. 



09/04/2015 - 14:00


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