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Financing VACANT Properties!!


The Cornerstone Group of NY 

The CSG-NY Financing Team has partnered with their Commercial Lenders to ensure that Purchasers can now Finance Vacant Properties. Many Brokers have had trouble selling Vacant properties unless its an ALL CASH offer. The CSG- NY has Financed successfully Vacant properties in the NYC Metro Area. 

We have many constructive financing options, where we can secure your buyers with Financing. 

Please ask our Management Team for a Financing Offer on a scenario you may have. 

Visit our website for all Financing products and terms. 


Russell Nova, SVP 

718 975 8900 - Office

Igor Zakh, COO 

718 975 8901 - Office 

Kevin Brown, Managing Director 

718 975 8902 - Office 

We look forward to securing financing for your clients 

10/15/2013 - 08:59


The Cornerstone Group of NY

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