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Finalists Announced for the EBie Awards: The Oscars of Sustainable Existing Buildings



NEW YORK – Urban Green Council recently announced the finalists for the upcoming EBie Awards ™, a new nationwide juried competition that celebrates sustainability improvements in Existing Buildings (hence the EBies), and the people who made them happen. The winners will be announced at an Oscars-style awards show to be held June 28 at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square.

With buildings accounting for more than 1/3 of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions, and 85% of the buildings expected to be in use in 2030 already standing, there is a tremendous need to retrofit existing buildings for improved efficiency and sustainability.

The EBies, sponsored by Carrier, a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, recognizes “unsung heroes” who have made great strides in improving environmental performance but whose accomplishments may otherwise go unheralded – not just building owners, but building managers and operators, auditors, commissioning agents, lighting designers, plumbing engineers and others. Unlike other awards, the EBies are based on measurable improvements in performance.

“Retrofitting a new building may not be as sexy as building a new one, but making our existing buildings more sustainable is the only way we’re going to make a real dent in our carbon footprint,” said Russell Unger, executive director of Urban Green Council. “The building manager at your office or the super in your apartment building could very well be doing great work that saves resources and money. These are the people and projects we will be honoring at the EBies.”

“Transforming our built environment is a central part of our sustainability program, PlaNYC, and it’s why we have adopted some of the most ambitious green building codes in the country,” said New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. “With the opportunity to host the EBie Awards – and celebrate the nomination of New York City’s own green buildings – we recognize the significant impact efficiency measures will have on our future, including lower greenhouse gas emissions, energy costs and building waste.”

67 total entries were received and have been narrowed down to 14 finalist projects. Finalists were selected by an all-star panel of distinguished jurors composed of leaders in real estate, sustainability, finance, architecture, academia and government.

“We were blown away by the quality of entrants. Many reduced energy use by more than 50%, and some hardly spent any money getting there,” said Ron Auriana, a member of the jury and Director of Global Facilities & Design at Bloomberg. “It’s clear that retrofitting existing buildings is good for the environment and the bottom line. We need to get the word out about these vital projects and heroes.”

Awards will be given in six EBie categories:

THE ALL-ROUNDER: This award recognizes the most improved building across two or more sustainability categories. Addressing more categories improves the project's chances of winning. Categories that can be included are: energy, water, waste management, materials use, indoor environmental quality, tenant engagement, other.

·       Finalists

o   Deutsche Bank 60 Wall Street, New York, NY

§  A 1.6 million sf LEED EB:OM Silver certified building adopted a range of energy, water efficiency and water reduction projects at the bank’s Manhattan headquarters, including a 123 kW solar array, the largest flat panel array in Manhattan and the highest array in the world, designed to help the company reach its goal of carbon neutrality by 2013.

o   Johnson Braund Offices, Seattle, WA

§  Building retrofitted over last five years, lowering its energy use by 75% and dramatically slashing water consumption – all while keeping the building at a comfortable 71 degrees year-round.

o   Prominence in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

§  18-story building that significantly improved energy and water efficiency by implementing cost-effective measures like ensuring that lights were turned off at night, set points adjusted on thermostats and light bulbs changed to more energy-efficient models.

THE SMOOTH OPERATOR/ALL REVVED UP AND READY TO GO: This award (combined from two categories) recognizes the most improved building across two or more sustainability categories achieved solely through improved operations, maintenance or through retro-commissioning exercises.

·       Finalists

o   The Greening of Team Detroit, Dearborn, MI

§  Building shared by six advertising agencies working for Ford decreased its energy use by adjusting temperature settings, installing motion sensors for lights, and setting screens and lighting to automatically power down. The building has achieved LEED Silver certification and an Energy Star Award.

o   Deutsche Bank 60 Wall Street , New York, NY

o   Fountainhead Business Park II, San Antonio, TX

§  89,000 sf commercial building is the first LEED certified existing building in San Antonio. Improved the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) by improving HVAC efficiency, installing a lighting retrofit and occupant sensors and purchasing renewal energy certificates to offset its carbon footprint.

o   St. Mark’s Medical Center, LaGrange, TX

§  95,000 sf hospital reduced energy by 34%, electricity use by 16 % and natural gas consumption by 62%.

THE REFORMED DRINKER/TAKE ME TO THE RIVER (combined from two categories): This award recognizes the building with the greatest achievement in reducing potable water usage.

·       Finalists

o   Johnson Braund Offices, Seattle, WA

§  Water consumption was reduced dramatically through changes to irrigation of the property and new plumbing fixtures.

o   Deutsche Bank 60 Wall Street, New York, NY

§  New water initiatives will help the bank reach its global goal of reducing water usage by 1 billion liters of water by 2015.

THE REFORMED GAS GUZZLER: This award recognizes the building with the highest percentage of energy savings.

·       Finalists

o   145 Talmadge Road, Edison, NJ

§  656,000 sf industrial and office complex improved building efficiency in large part due to installation of 4.4MW rooftop solar array. Despite having 180,000 sf of refrigerated warehouse, the building is a now a power producing facility on peak summer days.

o   201/210 Woolverton Street, Trenton, NJ

§  56,000 sf mixed-use building achieved over a 50% decrease in electricity usage.

o   Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX

§  324,000 sf museum achieved significant energy savings while maintaining rigid environmental control over the art collections, through HVAC renovations and a comprehensive lighting project.

o   Rosa Parks Elementary School, Lexington, KY

§  68,000 sf elementary school performed an energy audit, leading to setting equipment to automatically turn off and other basic improvements, yielding  impressive energy savings.

o   Williamsburg Court, Brooklyn, NY

§  66,000 sf affordable housing complex reduced energy usage by replacing boilers and installing thermostatic radiator valves. The project was so successful the utility company inspected the meter for “tampering”!

SHINE A LIGHT ON ME: This award recognizes the best lighting retrofit, as measured in energy performance, productivity enhancement and good design.

·       Finalists

o   Fountainhead Business Park II, San Antonio, TX

o   The William Beaver House, New York, NY

§  94,000 sf luxury residential building achieved significant energy savings by installing motion sensors, turning off some lights during off-peak hours and using high-efficiency bulbs.

VERDANT BRAINIAC: This award recognizes the most innovative green renovation project, particularly one that overcame significant barriers (cost, institutional, technological) in a manner that is scalable.

·       Finalists

o   2311 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA

§  74,000 sf self-managed condo complex cut CO2 emissions by approximately 30,000 lbs. per year, in part by obtaining an 18 kW solar panel system.

o   Carlyle Towers, West Caldwell, NJ

§  99,000 sf apartment building was first in the country to undergo a comprehensive ventilation retrofit to improve both energy and indoor air quality performance. The retrofit resulted in a 25% reduction in gas use.

Members of the jury include:

·       Ron Auriana, Director of Global Facilities and Design, Bloomberg

·       Dana L. Bourland, AICP, Vice President of Green Initiatives, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

·       Duane Desiderio, Vice President and Counsel, The Real Estate Roundtable

·       Dr. Constantine E. Kontokosta, PE, AICP, LEED AP, Director and Clinical Associate, Professor of Real Estate, NYU Center for the Sustainable Built Environment

·       Sukanya Paciorek, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Vornado Realty Trust

·       Chrissa Pagitsas, Green Initiative Program Manager, Multifamily Risk, Fannie Mae

·       Rafael Pelli, Partner, Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects

·       Mike Zatz, Chief, Market Sectors Group, ENERGY STAR Commercial & Industrial Branch, US Environmental Protection Agency

The EBie Awards are sponsored by Carrier; GreenSource is the media sponsor for the event. For complete program details go to

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