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Featured Broker - Rick Scardino


Over the course of the last few years, Rick has lead the charge in bringing a retail component to the service lines that Lee & Associates of Illinois can offer to our clients. In addition to being one of the top producers in the Lee Chicago office, as of January 1, 2015, Rick will also be heading up the national retail division throughout the Lee organization.

What turned you on to retail brokerage?
Rick: “I spent 20 years in our family’s restaurants before hitting a wall and deciding that a career change was in order. As restaurants naturally fall under the retail umbrella of commercial real estate, I felt it would be a natural segue; potentially give me a running start with clients. My family had some name recognition in Lake County, and I could speak to a retailer in their language having been there. The work ethic required of any successful restauranteur needs to be strong. Thus, it made the transition to our industry less daunting from the amount of hours and commitment.”

What was your biggest accomplishment to date in your brokerage career?
Rick: “That I have lasted this long and still enjoy it as much. I have had the best two years of my career these past years, and I’m by far the busiest I have ever been with no end in sight, thankfully. I feel blessed to be able to do what I enjoy so much still and come to an office/company that is filled with as much talent as it has. I have one son entering the industry and another interning while in college, so hopefully it will add additional wind to my sail as we continue this journey.”

How do you manage stress?
Rick: “Again, the restaurant upbringing was excellent training ground for stress, as high pressure, quick paced, and teamwork are essential. I try not to allow large swing levels in my stress as I know how counterproductive that can be. I always admired Ryan Sandberg of the Cubs. Whether he went 5 for 5 or 0 for 5, he kept his head in the game.”

What would be your advice to new brokers coming into retail brokerage?
Rick: “To be an excellent multitasker. I have recently been asked to assume the role of President of the Lee National Retail Council which helps guide our 100ish retail brokers across the country, which is an exciting opportunity and honor as we have a lot of great talent.”

What music is on in your car right now?
Rick: “Always toggling between the sports channels, 560 AM and K-Love. I don’t have a ton of time for music, as I use commutes often to catch up with friends, family, or clients. All hands free, of course!”

Rick Scardino brings 26 years of experience in commercial real estate to Lee & Associates, LLC where he spearheads the Retail Division as Director. Throughout his career, he has focused on all forms of retail brokerage including tenant representation, product/landlord representation, land, and investment sales in metropolitan Chicago.

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