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Silicon Valley, January 6th 2016 – Today AMP Technologies reinvents Real-Time Collaboration and Data Insights. Now adding social media integration, cash flow comparison and an updated dashboard to the already dynamic platform. Leveraging key information for Users so they can easily gain stronger insights than ever before.

With 2015 being the company’s strongest year yet, AMP has big plans for 2016 and this is just the first of many releases to come. AMP continues to delight industry leaders with new updates each month. Each new release delivers more value than before, taking the best from the Commercial Real Estate industry, technology and the Silicon Valley to produce an amazing experience for Users.

“At AMP, it is our mission to bring cutting-edge technology to the Commercial Real Estate world. Our team has deep roots in the Silicon Valley and the resources to stay ahead of evolving technology. Our clients love AMP because we deliver solutions that provide our Users with exactly what they need as their requirements continuously grow. Our expertise in Commercial Real Estate and Technology poise us to bring the best of breed software to the industry.” Ronald Acquaviva, AMP Technologies Director of Sales and Client Services.

The company is expanding quickly and is pushing both the Technology and Commercial Real Estate industries forward faster than many expected. AMP continuously separates themselves from other companies in the industry by putting Clients first and updating their platform to make it the easiest, fastest and most complete asset management platform to exist.


  • Maximize your social media capital: Our new social integrations with Twitter, Facebook and Yelp will allow you to see news from those sites. Coming soon, AMP will also show all relevant business from your company and assets allowing you to manage your perception online and maximize your social media capital.
  • Leverage your data: Data is doubling every 12-18 months, and real time business insights from both inside your own systems and outside from benchmarking resources. Utilize AMP to bring these collective insights to life and deliver superior results ahead of your competition. With AMP’s updated home and service dashboards, you can maximize your data with clear results faster. The dashboards are now even more user friendly and create the next level of business intelligence.
  • Clearly show performance gaps: Making important financial decisions using your data is key to improving your performance. 59% of the top businesses utilize analysis and decision making software like AMP. With the new cash flow comparison, Users can visually maximize their performance by comparing cash flows from different periods of time, making an immediate impact now.


Headquartered in Mountain View, California, AMP Technologies provides a suite of products and services for commercial real estate asset management. The AMP Technologies Platform is a powerful, yet highly intuitive platform to monitor and manage individual properties and large portfolios. Its products are built on best-of- breed cloud technology and are designed for the modern enterprise to provide sophisticated business intelligence, collaboration and management tools. With a comprehensive, yet highly intuitive, platform for monitoring and managing individual properties to entire portfolios, AMP provides the key tools needed for every level of management for effective analysis and decision-making.

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