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Paramus, NJ:  Equity Real Estate Brokerage LLC closed on the sale of 295 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park on December 22, 2016.  Robert Morris and Bree Manchanda of Equity Real Estate Brokerage LLC represented the seller in the transaction.  This is the second building on Godwin Avenue in Midland Park that Robert and Bree have sold.

High Focus Centers becomes the largest tenant at 40 Eisenhower Drive, Paramus.  In December 2016, High Focus Centers completed the expansion of space at 40 Eisenhower Drive, now occupying over 16,000 square feet of space. 

High Focus has been a tenant at 40 Eisenhower Driver for over 10 years and they have been growing the entire time.  This year, offices from 70 Eisenhower Driver were brough over to 40 Eisenhower Drive.

David Hirschman, owner of 40 Eisenhower Drive, feels that while some building owners may be fearful of this type of business, he sees it as an opportunity to give a good tenant who is providing a community service a place to call home.

High Focus Centers is a premier provider of structured outpatient behavioral health and substance abuse treatment programs.  With 7 locations across New Jersey, High Focus is the largest and most trusted provider of these programs in the state.

Darren McGowen of Equity Real Estate Brokerage LLC represented both the Landlord and Tenant in the transation.

Equity Real Estate Management LLC has completed several major projects at two buildings in Paramus.

40 Eisenhower Drive has seen some extensive renovation work in addition to the High Focus expansion.  The parking lot has been repaved.  All common area lighting has been upgraded to LED lighting and solar panels have been installed on the roof. 

275 Forest Avenue, Paramus has had the common area lighting upgraded to LED lighting and has solar panels installed on the roof.

Philip Lange, President of Equity Real Estate Management LLC stated that the upgrades to LED lighting and solar panels in both buildings assist management by leveling out utility costs over the course of the year.  Therefore, when temperatures rise or drop drastically, the utility costs will remain mostly unchanged.  This leveling of utility costs allows managment and tenants to create better budgeting.


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