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Equity Real Estate Brokerage – In the brokerage industry, we tour properties all day long….that is our job.  Over the years we have seen a thing or two.  If you are a building owner and you are looking to lease your property, especially if it is unoccupied right now, then we have some items to consider while you work to secure a tenant:

If there is landscaping, keep it trimmed, clipped and clean.  Be sure to remove snow and ice during the winter months.  Keep outside lighting, particularly if there is a parking lot, working and turning on and off according to the season.  Trim any wild vines or tree limbs.  Not only are they an eyesore, but they can be a hazard for the building. 

The curb appeal is a prospective tenant’s first impression.  A well landscaped, clean property can prompt a prospective tenant to call the number on the sign (if there is one) and it provides a determination of value to a prospective tenant. 

Inside, have any garbage, rubbish or non-essential items removed to keep the space as open as possible. Do the lights work?  It is much easier and safer to tour a property with the lights on.  If the roof leaks, repair it and make it water tight. 

While no one can guarantee how long a space will take to lease, keeping some simple items like the landscaping clean and the utilities on can make a big difference. 

The Brokerage Team is still actively seeking industrial properties 5,000 square feet and up.  We currently have a couple of industrial buildings in Bergen County under contract for sale which had multiple offers and those buyers are still looking.  If you are interested in possibly leasing or selling your industrial property, there is a market for industrial users. 

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Equity Real Estate Management Equity Real Estate Management has completed the hallway renovations at 40 Eisenhower. 

Equity Real Estate Management’s Tip:  Take time to do some winter preparation if you have not already done so.  It’s not too late…yet.  Do you have salt?  A way to spread it?  Did you execute your plowing contract?  Do you have a shovel on hand in case of an emergency?

Taking care of these items before Thanksgiving is a good way to help you get through whatever winter brings.

Equity 3 Real Estate is a full service commercial real estate brokerage, management and development firm located in Paramus, New Jersey.  We have a long established standing as a leading commercial real estate firm for over 40 years.  Our clients have always been and will continue to be our top priority.  Give us a call today and experience the difference with Equity. 


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