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New York, NY (Sep 13, 2012)- Epsen Fuller Group is pleased to announce their new organizational structure, unveiling the launch of a new website, logo, and most importantly, new talent management offerings. Capitalizing on the history and brand identity of Epsen Fuller for over 15 years, they have developed an "umbrella group" under which sit four distinct, yet interconnected, services/business units.


The new logo consists of 4 squares, or the "building blocks of talent solutions", each connected through the "circle of integrated services"; at each square, the circle has a point, connoting our "point of difference" in each service area.

"The Epsen Fuller Group's new logo conveys a strong foundation of building blocks, just as talent is the strong foundation that ensures any organization's long-term success," says Thomas Fuller, managing partner of the group. "Our new tag line 'Global Talent Solutions' represents our global capabilities through our partnership with IMD International Search Group, as well as the 'solution' focus of our approach with each client."


Epsen Fuller Group's new website offers clients the ability to discover the various ways the group can assist them in building a talent advantage in their organization. Their official blog, The Leadership Digest, provides thoughtful insight into the talent management and leadership development industry and dives into current news as well as controversial topics.


Each business unit is represented by one of the colored squares and has its own identity, incorporating that square as its icon, as well as a unique descriptive tag line.

EF|IMD International Searchdelivers Worldwide Search for World-class Leaders.

iDestinybuilds performance acceleration in organizations through Talent Management & Leadership Development Services and Products.

TalentKinectredefines recruiting for Mid-Managers & Hi-Impact Performers.

EFG|Advisoryserves Corporate Boards and Private Equity Groups with Governance Advisory.

These new services and our expert consultants in the firm provide executives, HR professionals and boards with the ability to attract, assess, and accelerate their talent.

"We are excited about our new look." said Mr. Fuller. "Our clients will not only see a new visual look to our company, but also some new faces and a refreshing approach to global talent solutions, from hiring, to development and performance. With the addition of the new services, TalentKinect, iDestiny and EFG|Advisory, the firm will further enable clients to build a true talent advantage."

Epsen Fuller Group is rooted in a tradition of cultivating personal relationships on a local level. However, their reach, in terms of both clients and candidates, extends the world over. With global offices covering virtually every major city around the world, cultural and language barriers do not exist. Headquartered in New York, NY with offices in New Jersey and San Francisco, Epsen Fuller Group has deep expertise in recruiting and talent management, specifically in the technology & digital media, consumer products & life science industries.

About Epsen Fuller Group

New York based Epsen Fuller Group,, is a Top-20 retained executive search and talent management consulting firm with US offices in New York, New Jersey and San Francisco and offices in major markets and business centers throughout the world, providing instant access to a world-class executive talent pool serving the global economy. Epsen Fuller Group operates under one umbrella and one common platform to deliver an integrated suite of talent management solutions throughout four business units focused on the acquisition, assessment, and acceleration of talent. EF|IMD conducts senior executive search, TalentKinect executes mid-management recruitment projects, iDestiny offers a variety of leadership assessment, development, and coaching solutions, while EFG|Advisorydelivers talent assessment and advisory services to enhance governance best practices in corporate Boards and maximize transaction value for Private Equity Groups. The firm specializes primarily in three primary industry verticals - tech communications & media, pharmaceuticals & life sciences, and the consumer sectors for blue-chip client organizations worldwide.

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