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EBCBOR is a Leader in Real Estate Education


The Eastern Bergen County Board of Realtors (EBCBOR) has been a leader in providing education to its 3,500 members for more than 93 years, ensuring the professionalism and expertise the consumer relies on when working with a Realtor®. EBCBOR is proud to announce they have educated more than 3,000 real estate licensees over the course of the 2 year cycle, hosting more than 80 live classes and partnered with the nationwide leader in online education, The CE Shop, to offer virtual courses. 


EBCBOR, headquartered in Hasbrouck Heights, offers the highest level of continuing education courses to assist REALTORS® with their professional development and the successful completion of the new NJ Real Estate Commission requirement.


Continuing Education ensures that Realtors® remain the most qualified, informed and pro-active professionals not only to provide smooth real estate transactions but also to be a resource for accurate up to the minute information. The State of New Jersey requires all real estate licensees to complete a minimum 12 hours of continuing education every two years. The EBCBOR is an advocate for these requirements.


EBCBOR has successfully engaged State and National Instructors to teach topics such as: Ethics, Disclosure, Real Estate Licensee Statutes, Fair Housing, Escrow Monies, NJ & Federal Environmental Laws, Land Use, Financing, Real Estate Valuation, Property Management, Commercial Real Estate Property, Foreclosures, Short-Sale Trans actions and several others.


"Continuing education represents an opportunity for REALTORS® to stay abreast of the  ever-changing and developing real estate trends, laws and best practices,” said Laura Rubinfeld, CEO of the EBCBOR, “With the convenience of these local courses, EBCBOR is not only the Gateway to Real Estate in Bergen County for homeowners but also a gateway to professional development for the practitioner.” 


Over the course of the 2-year Continuing education cycle, EBCBOR additionally offered many specialty designation and certifications programs for REALTORS interested in developing an in-depth knowledge of niches markets and consumer needs. The Certified International Property Specialist, Military Relocation Professional, Accredited Buyer’s Representative and the Senior Real Estate Specialist designations are a few of the programs offered. Collectively these courses educated more than 150 REALTORS seeking to enhance their expertise in a unique area of real estate.







2015 President of EBCBOR Bowen Pak said, “With New Jersey's new requirements and the support of EBCBOR, Realtors will continue to be distinguished by their knowledge and expertise in the marketplace. Just as accountants must constantly stay abreast of ever-changing tax laws and top doctors are always informed of the latest medical innovations; Realtors® continue their education so they remain the most knowledgeable and trusted, highly competent professionals in real estate”.  He explained that when a consumer, whether they're a buyer, a seller, renter, or a landlord, contacts a Realtor they are talking with an individual who is eminently qualified and well-versed in the current trends and laws pertaining to real estate to handle one of the largest financial transactions a consumer will make.


The Eastern Bergen County Board of REALTORS® (EBCBOR), chartered in 1923, is a not-for-profit trade organization that serves more than 3,500 REALTOR® members in Bergen County, N.J. EBCBOR is dedicated to enhancing the business opportunities of its membership by providing them with industry information, political advocacy and education opportunities. For more information, please visit

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