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DreamTree, Inc Appoints David Askar As Chief Asset Strategist In Chicago


Chicago, IL -- DreamTree, Inc. has recently announced David Askar as the Chief Asset Strategist within the firm’s asset revenue stream and acquisition department. Askar has been with the investment portfolio group for the past five years, contributing his wealth of experience and knowledge about financial and business opportunities.

Through his newly promoted role, Askar will continue to formulate plans tailored to prospective clients, professionals, and investors within the real estate industry and to strategically enhance the value of client assets.

"I’m honored to have been chosen for this role with this platform that DreamTree, Inc. has afforded me to make a substantial difference through their network,” said Askar.

Askar began his career within the financial sector as a loan officer over a decade ago. He swiftly advanced his career as a venture capitalist, and held position of Chief Executive at Impact Capital Equities, later joining the DreamTree team in 2010. Along with evaluating strategic partnerships and coordinating a private network of venture capital funding for real estate opportunities, David Askar is a top investment management consultant who has garnered much praise from top tier peers in the industry.

According to Edward Hoffman, chairman at DreamTree, “David Askar’s vision and enthusiasm for real estate asset strategy and management is unparalleled.”

In his spare time, David Askar also maintains <> and <>, websites that are geared towards his professional expertise and personal interests, including business development and investment advice.


About DreamTree, Inc.

DreamTree, Inc. is a strategic asset acquisition and holding company that offers an experienced background and a vast network of resources in relation to assets for revenue steam and project development opportunities.

09/21/2015 - 19:30


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