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DisruptCRE to Host 2nd Annual Conference in World's Real Estate & Financial Capital


DisruptCRE New York City Thursday, March 31st, 2016 12:00PM - ­6:00PM

DisruptCRE, the premier technology and commercial real estate conference series is coming back to New York City on Thursday, March 31st for the 2nd Annual conference.

In 2015 DisruptCRE took New York City by storm showcasing the best and brightest ideas in commercial real estate technology. With 350+ attendees and 32 of CREtech’s top Disruptors, the event was a must­attend and this year promises to be bigger and better.

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Programming will begin at 1pm with a high level TED style talk about The State of CREtech from an industry leader. This is followed by a rapid­fire intro session where each exhibiting CREtech company has 45 seconds to introduce themselves and their company, called “Meet the Disruptors.” After learning about these Disruptors, attendees have an opportunity to meet them during an hour of ‘Deal­Making’ to engage further, create new relationships and build on existing ones.

The second portion of the day includes three educational panels centered around technology and how it is facilitating changes in investment, development, management, leasing, buying, selling, & financing commercial properties.

Panel 1, “The State of CRE & Tech: Executive’s Point of View” ­ Get a global perspective on technology and its impact on commercial real estate from some of the most recognizable and powerful Executives in the industry. These men and women are not only on the forefront of technology in CRE but in many cases, are helping shape the future of the CREtech industry through adoption, investment and creation. Attendees will gain a rare glimpse into the minds of top industry leaders to find out what are they investing in or implementing now and what is on the horizon.

Panel 2 “Building Tech” ­ Learn about technology products & services serving the physical structure of buildings. From the internal building systems to tenant engagement, and advanced analysis of key data points, we are more connected to our buildings via technology, than ever before. With the use of technology we can quantify workplace design with hard data, tenants can control HVAC with the touch of a mobile app, and owners can visualize ground up developments before breaking ground with 3D tech and augmented reality. This panel will explore mobile devices and apps that control everything from space utilization to on­demand services such as parking, dry cleaning, and more. Learn about building technologies that gain and retain today’s tenants.

Panel 3 “Tech Tools” is focused on how technology is reshaping the way we work and opening the door to new opportunities. Discussion will center around the products and services available to CRE professionals to equip them for today’s industry. Commercial real estate professionals today have more tech tools at their disposal than ever before. CRM’s help to manage your relationships, listing platforms help optimize visibility to potential tenants, crowdfunding and financial technology opens alternative means of financing, the list goes on and on. This panel will help you navigate what tools are in the market, and which ones make sense for your business. Attendees will hear from industry professionals who investing in and implementing these tech tools in day to day operations.

After a full day of excitement, education and a lot of fun, the conference will conclude with networking, cocktails, and hors d'oeuvres.

“The industry is transforming through the adoption of technology. We are continuously evolving to bring commercial real estate professionals the latest in CRE technology year after year.” says DisruptCRE Co­Founder & CEO, Mariel Ebrahimi.

Top real estate decision makers gather from around the world at DisruptCRE, to find out what's here now, and what's next in CREtech.

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