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DeskZone Shared Office Space NYC: Circle Area Conference Room - Available For Rent in New York


New York City, 1 December 2014 - Having productive meetings is obviously essential towards achieving success in business. This is a fact that many experienced business owners and industry leaders already know.

Needed materials and equipment should all be prepared several days before the appointed schedule. Of course, holding the meeting in an appropriate venue is also crucial. The location should be neat and professional, allowing needed privacy and comfort that should prevail in such an important gathering.

Interested parties who do not have access to a good conference room can instead opt to rent one for their next meeting.

Whether it’s a meeting with a client or potential business partners, a rented conference room can be a worthwhile investment to make a positive impression. Meaningful discussions can be conducted and ideas can be properly presented if businesses have access to the right amenities.

Those planning to find a good place for meetings will find the Columbus Circle Area Conference Room in New York City to be interesting.

This fully-furnished conference room comes with basic features such as FIOS, WiFi, wired Ethernet and several power outlets.

More importantly, the large conference room is available for the cost of only $207 per day. The room can be rented monthly or even up to a year, depending on the customer’s preference. It should, however, be noted that the room is only available during Fridays.

DeskZone, a business that specializes in subleased offices and shared office space NYC New York, contains valuable information about the Columbus Circle Area Conference Room and many other shared offices and spaces in the New York area.

Those who want to book the conference room or view more details about it can visit DeskZone’s official website at Inquiries can be sent to them via email to support@deskzone.comor they can be contacted by phone at 212-608-7081. 

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