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DeskZone Offers Rentable Shared Office in Broadway, New York


Home-based workers hoping to take things to the next level can check out shared office services for rent. These options are highly recommended for workers wanting to have a private office but are not quite ready to commit to a lengthy contract.

Whether you are a freelancer or are hired full-time by a company, having an office is absolutely important. A good office promotes privacy and professionalism, both of which may be difficult to achieve or experience for those doing their work at home.      

By being based in such an office, you can meet-up with clients and business partners without having to worry about your image. You can always build and maintain a professional reputation. Minimizing unnecessary distractions can be possible at the same time.

Shared office space NYC New York can be an attractive and cost-effective alternative for interested workers.  

Located at the popular Woolworth Building, a shared office for rent can be found at 233 Broadway, New York. This is strategically located in the financial district of New York which makes it potentially for tech companies and law firms – especially because the courts are readily accessible from the office.

Access to both the pantry and the conference room are provided which makes it ideal for meeting with clients and/or business partners. FIOS, WiFi, wired Ethernet and several power outlets are likewise offered to ensure productivity in the workplace. 

The office can be rented for the affordable price of $1,550 per month. 

DeskZone can provide additional information or answer any questions regarding this Broadway office. The company’s website can be accessed to check out pictures and details of this office and other available shared offices.

For additional information or inquiries, DeskZone can be reached via email at or by phone at 212-608-7081. Those who want to arrange a showing or get access to our available spaces can visit DeskZone online at
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