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DeskZone Offers Affordable Office Space in Columbus Circle Area Office


New York City, 24 November 2014 - Start-up New York businesses hoping to save on their office rental expenses will be particularly thrilled about this news.

Nowadays, small business owners in the city are no longer compelled to spend big amounts of money to rent large office spaces or even an entire office building just to have smooth-running operations.  DeskZone is offering interested entrepreneurs the alternative of renting high-quality for affordable rates via shared office spaces in New York.

One of the currently-available office spaces can be found in the Columbus Circle Area Office.

Located in the traffic-heavy intersection in New York, this office is an ideal spot where companies can conduct their business transactions while having easy access to different areas in the city at the same time. This small 2-person office can either be rented monthly or up to a year for the cost of only $920 per month. 

The property comes with convenient features such as a conference room, access to pantry, FIOS, WiFi, multiple power outlets, and wired Ethernet – that’s basically every necessary factor to have a comfortable experience in a modern business space setting.

The website of DeskZone also includes various listings for clients looking for good shared office space nyc New York. The selection includes everything from desk spaces, photo studios, and more. Those looking for shared and subleased properties in New York City will be able to discover great deals as they visit the office site. DeskZone can likewise be contacted via phone at 212-608-7081. Knowledgeable staff members will respond to inquiries and provide essential support for clients.

HCP Packaging USA’s Damien Dossin, one of DeskZone’s recent customers, spoke positively about the services. He said the company “had a good list” of the available options in New York plus the listings included “accurate pricing, pictures, and floor plan” which greatly helped simplify the selection process.

About DeskZone

DeskZone specializes in the shared and subleased office space market in NYC. We believe this market provides the most cost-effective way for tenants to enter the NYC office market. DeskZone maintains all of our subleases and shared spaces in an easily searchable database and couples that with excellent local support. To learn more, please visit:

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